Rolod is the patron god of fugitives, those who have taken flight, and those who are being hunted or chased. He is commonly portrayed as a roguish satyr and may serve as a lesser god in the satyrs’ pantheon. The city of Evermeet serves as the center of his religion among non-satryrs.

The most commonly related myth of Rolod is of his conquering of a primordial at the beginning of time by burrowing a hole in the foundation of the world. Because the hole was everywhere and nowhere at the same time, the primordial expended most of its energy searching for Rolod making it easy prey for the slaying arrows of Corellon. Many say that entrances to the god’s labrynthian tunnel can found all over the globe. Supposedly, Rolod continues to hide within the bolt hole because he fears the vengeance of the Primordial’s followers.

Secret tunnels are often blessed in the name of Rolod to insure them against their being found.


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