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Alignment: Chaotic

Nurgle (Grandfather Nurgle) is sometimes considered a demon, other times a Slaad, and still other times a God. Along with Gollaia, Nurgle is considered one of the eldest of the gods. Even on the mundane world, Nurgle has countless worshippers in the world of mundane precisely because he is worshipped as a god of pestilence and disease. Worshippers of Grandfather Nurgle are strengthened from disease instead of having it fell them. He directs his followers thus:
✦ Spread the plague.
✦ Bring people together to make the spread of the disease easier.
✦ Revere those who have survived the disease.

Blessed Acts

  • Having a disease
  • Giving a disease to others
  • Surviving a disease
  • Amassing the diseased

Transgressive Acts

  • Curing a disease
  • Dying from a disease

Preferred Profession: Diseased missionaries, the condemned
Preferred Race: None
Sacred Places: Hospitals, quarantined areas, sanitarium
Opposing Gods: Erathis, The Raven Queen, Vecna, Jubilex, Moradin, Pelor

Phenomena Associated With Nurgle

Nurgle’s Rot is the most insidious disease known to the mundane world. Those who catch it either die or are transformed into another creature known as a Plague Bearer. While all diseases are the purvey of Nurgle, the Rot is the worst because it actually turns those infected into creatures who are not unlike undead beings. Nurgle’s rot has the ability to wipe out entire kingdoms, turning everyone infected into a soldier in Nurgle’s army.

The undead created by Nurgle’s Rot are not inhabited by undead spirits. Instead, they are filled with the same consciousness that drove them before catching the disease, though driven insane by their pestilence.

Another common phenomena associated with Nurgle is the Grandfather’s Blessing. Nurgle both hates and is hated by most of the other gods and goddesses of the Allusian pantheon. As such, he is more than willing to intervene to cure curses. Of course, he expects anyone who receives his blessing, in this way, to contract Nurgle’s Rot as a sign of their devotion…


The most notable of Nurgle’s followers are the Death Watch, priests of Nurgle who have been so riddled with disease that they no longer appear to be human. Death Watch priests are generally tolerated because harming them is a major offense to their god, and because directly harassing them is a sure way of starting a plague, but occasionally, the death watch gain more power, especially during times of epidemic diseases. If the Death Watch gain political power, Nurgle’s influence can be incredibly difficult to stop.

Nurgle’s Paradise

Nurgle operates a paradise on Limbo known as Refulac: a realm of infinite putrescence and slime. He promises his followers that the downtrodden and forgotten will reap paradise. There is every indication that the slimes and the undead that inhabit the place are, indeed, happy. They also seem to be insane.

Answering Prayers (see Non-Cleric Prayer for chances)

h. Spells attributed through prayer
1: Putrefy Food and Drink
2: Unholy Symbol
3: Cause Disease
4: Giant Insect
5: Insect Plague

Desperate Prayer

Chance of answered prayer: Base 30%

Nurgle loves helping humanity. He rewards all those he helps with Nurgle’s Rot and so very few ask for his intervention except the insane.


For chances of suffering a curse, see Curses

Types of Curses

Dry Bones (Chronic): The characters skin begins to dry out, shrink, and tear. In 4-6 days, the character will become a ghoul in the service of Nurgle.

Nurgle’s Rot (Chronic): Yeah, enjoy.

Infestation (Chronic): The character becomes infested with some kind of vermin. All characteristic rolls are become harder, the character gains no Dexterity benefit to AC from Dex, and the character takes 1-2 points of damage per day.

The Plague Winds (Acute): Whenever the characters get lost, they move towards a place where a plague has broken out.

Slime Cough (Acute): The next time the character enters into a tense situation (like combat), he or she will begin coughing up slimes, jellies, and puddings. Good news, they won’t attack you. Bad news, your friends aren’t as likely to be safe.

Disease (Acute): The character catches a disease. Not Nurgle’s Rot, exactly, but something that’s pretty bad in any case.


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