Loa Ward

At a young age, you found yourself, for whatever reason, being taken care of by a Loa. The supernatural creature might have manifested as a parental figure, a friend, a lover, a regent, or whatever, so long as the relationship isn’t abusive.

Having been taken under the Loa’s wing (figuratively or literally), you have developed a skewed sense of reality. Your vision of the world is almost entirely based on the sequestered territory of your benefactor. At the same time, your character has become accustomed to the oddities and magic that generally accompanies such creatures. Moreover, the Loa may present the figure of a powerful ally.

A character choosing this background, must flesh out the Loa and its territory as well. Loa aren’t universal, generally. They don’t roam the world, but generally haunt a specific locale which they shape as their own.

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana (or Religion), Insight
Languages: 2 of the following: Primordial, Celestial, Abyssal, Draconic
Equipment: 1 wondrous item (randomly generated)

Feature: Loa Ally

The character and his or her allies can expect protection from a Loa while in its demesne. The creature might be willing to work its potent, though unpredictable, powers on the character’s behalf. Of course, Loa are fickle, and a host native to the Fade might require attention or demand service that PCs might find inconveniencing, but the Loa is, generally, friendly to the player character group.

Personality Trait

1 I can’t differentiate between creatures that are native to the Fade and those that are native to the Center, and I constantly bring up magical creatures as if they were normal.
2 I am convinced of an alterantive history of the world and I often bring up people who have never existed.
3 I am convinced that I have been personally introduced to a number of gods and goddesses, and I refer to them as if we were acquaintances.
4 I haven’t spent enough time outside of my Loa’s domain for me to understand normal social interaction.
5 I am convinced that the reason behind anything that is happening, even rather mundane occurrences, is supernatural.
6 I am so embroiled in the logic of my Loa that I am easily mistaken for a madman.
7 I am prejudiced against people who live in the Center.
8 I am fascinated by the Center and prefer it to the craziness of the Loa’s demesne and the Fade in general.
9 You are convinced that you are a figure with a great destiny. Your fate might be a specific activity, or your fate might be just a more general claim to greatness.
10 You believe that you are related to the Loa and constantly refer to yourself as a magical being.


1 Loyalty. You want to help your Loa as best as you can.
2 Curiousity. You’re not afraid of the unknown. Quite the contrary, you hope to explore the stangest and most esoteric of mysteries.
Destiny. The Loa chose you for a reason, and now it’s only a matter of trying to figure out what that reason might be.
4 Vision. You hope to reconcile the power between the Fade and Center.
5 Power. You want to use the Fade for all its worth to become a powerful champion, whether it be for good or evil.
6 Raid. More than anything, you want to use your knowledge of the Fade for personal gain.


1 I owe the Loa.
2 I am a friend to an endangered group of creatures allied to the Loa.
3 I am indebted to the person or group that brought me back to the Center.
4 I hope to keep one of the Loa’s mysteries (or mysterious items) safe.
5 I want to protect the Loa from outsiders who would do it harm.
6 I am in charge of the protection of my fellow mortal ward peers.


1 I can’t have a healthy interaction with dwellers.
2 I have a terrible secret that I’m hiding from the Loa.
3 I always choose a magic answer to a mundane answer.
4 I want to be a supernatural being.
5 I cannot stand to be in the Center and avoid it whenever I can.
6 I will do anything for arcane power.

Loa Ward

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