Loa Prisoner

At some point in time, you became the captive of a Loa, a creature of near god-like power. The being may have captured you for sadistic purposes, or perhaps its attitude was obsessive. Nonetheless, the character was held as the creature’s prisoner long enough to have suffered effects from the imprisonment.

Feature, Supernatural Familiarity:

Escaping from the Loa required that the character conquer their fear of the unknown and become familiar with the world of the supernatural. The character must choose the nature of his or her Loa warden (Primordial, Aberrant, Celestial, Infernal, or Abyssal) . When the character has combat advantage over such creatures (or when those creatures have combat disadvantage over the character), the character has advantage on their saving throws against those creature’s spell or spell-like effects. Moreover, characters gain advantage on any arcane or religion checks when dealing with such types of creatures.

Feature, Supernatural Hunt:

The Loa still wants the character as their prisoner. It, he, or she is not happy about you leaving and will exert its power to bring the character back. The Loa may have a lot of power in its limited area (its demesne usually), or it may have a little power that it can exert over an extended area (often through a network of followers). Remember, a Loa is like a god, but it isn’t raitional or particularly human in its thinking. It might be Cthulhian. It might be more like the Mad Hatter. Either way, it’s method of hunting the character down will not be straightforward or predictable.

Personality Trait

1 I never feel safe and am extra vigilant against the possibility of supernatural threats.
2 I constantly refer to the supernatural events that I witnessed as part of my capture.
3 I am hard boiled and convinced that others don’t understand true suffering.
4 I am a ridiculous pessimist and think that most people are naive about the threats that are ‘out there.’
5 I am biased against magic because of its tie to the Fade.
6 I want to lead a crusade against creatures of the Loa’s type (Abyssal, Celestial, etc.)
7 I am not thoroughly convinced that I’ve escaped the Loa’s demesne.
8 I am convinced that I’m being hunted by the Loa.
9 I am against all captivity and will work, overtly or covertly, to free prisoners.
10 I have developed qualities of my captor and have a sadistic streak.

|1|Vengeance The Loa and its servants must be destroyed (Lawful).|
|2|Rescue I must find and help others who are held captive in similar circumstances (Good).|
|3|Cleanse I will one day find a way to help the gods cleanse the world of Loa (Any).|
|4|Reign I will use what I know to usurp the Loa and take over its demesne (Lawful or Evil).|
|5|Enslave I will use what I know about using prisoners for power to build my own empire (Evil).|
|6|Freedom I will enjoy my freedom by living every day as I see fit (Chaotic).|

|1|I escaped with a secret to the Loa’s power. I must keep it safe until I figure out how to use it.|
|2|I did not escape alone and I consider my fellow escapees my family.|
|3|I left others behind when I escaped. I need to help them before it’s too late.|
|4|I oppose a temple or political organization that I feel should have rescued me.|
|5|I have secret knowledge of a stable path into the Fade.|
|6|I owe everything I am to my rescuer.|

|1|I secretly enjoy watching others suffer.|
|2|I am overcautious and never feel safe.|
|3|I often suspect others of being servants of the Loa.|
|4|I refuse situations in which I am obligated to others.|
|5|I am callous over the troubles of others.|
|6|I know what’s best for me and do not particularly welcome advice.|

Loa Prisoner

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