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Alignment: Chaotic evil

Gruumsh is the greater god of slavery and genocide. He is the central deity of all the non-human and non-demi-human races of the the Aversillian pantheon. He is worshipped in one form or another by the orcs, goblins, ogres, and even giants, and in fact, is central to most humanoid pantheons.

Central to the worship of Gruumsh is the idea that, at the point of creation, a great injustice was suffered by the downtrodden creatures of the world. The nature of this injustice was so great that righting it requires the destruction of all the civilized creatures and their gods. He directs his followers thus:
✦ Kill all humans and demi-humans.
✦ Kill women for they are breeders. Kill children for they are the future.
✦ Let no morality, pity, or compassion stand in the way of your hatred.

Blessed Acts

  • Murder of the defenseless.
  • Forming a warhost
  • Killing good champions

Transgressive Acts

  • Offering mercy
  • Cooperating with a member of a civilized race
  • Leaving survivors

Preferred Profession: Assassins, Soldiers, Anti-Paladins
Preferred Race: Orcs
Sacred Places: Siege Camps, Hellholes
Opposing Gods: Corellon especially, but all Twelve Lords of Delvionus

Phenomena Associated With Gruumsh

Not much in the civilized world is associated with Gruumsh. Even inside of divine circles, which sometimes include inhuman and evil gods, inclusion of Gruumsh is rare. Occassionally, total psychotic madness is blamed on Gruumsh (psycopaths and homicidal maniacs) because it’s victims plot against their race. Betrayers of humanity are welcomed into the host of Gruumsh.


All the monstrosities you’d expect, and, most notably, the Right Eye of Gruumsh, an orc horde that has, for more than a millennia, never numbered less than a thousand orcs. The Right Eye is a common problem for the city of Heironeous, but lately, they’ve been seen in the Flintridge Mountains having, somehow circumvented Streckhorn. Some suggest that the horde is the physical embodiment of Gruumsh’s marauders on the Desoleen Plain and that they are not real, but spirits. Others suggest that Gruumsh leads his marauders through the Fade.

Gruumsh is sometimes worshipped by humans through the cult of the red-eyed Cyclops. The cult is a loose association of human psychopaths who take their directives from astrological signs and signals (aka Gruumsh).

Gruumsh’s Paradise

Gruumsh’s worshippers join him on the Desoleen plain. They are promised all of Delvionus if they win the war for Krogsveid.

Answering Prayers (see Non-Cleric Prayer)

see Non-Cleric Prayer for chances of having a prayer heard

Spells attributed through prayer

1: Protection from Good
2: Unholy Symbol
3: Cause Paralysis
4: Cause Serious Wounds
5: Dispel Good
6: Harm
7: Gate

Desperate Prayer: Base Chance 15%

Gruumsh is a god of horrible death. Those who would ask for his favor, gain it, but only at the expense of their sanity and their virtue. Gruumsh turns those who he favors into psychotic monstrosities. They become chaotic evil without hope of redemption and gain, moreover, a violent insanity.


For chances of suffering a curse, see Curses

Things that will cause a curse of Gruumsh:

  • Defiling a temple of Gruumsh (major).
  • Defiling holy relics of Gruumsh (major).
  • Disbanding an evil warhost (Major).
  • Attacking a goblinoid lair (minor).
  • Taking a powerful ally or relic away from a goblinoid army (Minor).
  • Taking a powerful ally or relic away from an orc horde (Major).
  • Helping elves defend against a humanoid race (Minor).
  • Employing elf magic against goblinoids (minor).

Types of Curses


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