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Alignment: Unaligned

Gollaia is the greater goddess of aging, decay, and the Fade. She is generally considered ambivalent towards the affairs of mortals and is said not to understand the concept of time’s passage. Gollaia is rarely worshipped by regular humans until they become incapacitated by old age. Her name is always evoked, however, in all transportation magic. In general, Gollaia’s followers are dismissed as either bleeding hearts or quacks. Gollaia commands her followers thus:
✦ Respect the elderly infirm.
✦ Seek out the other worlds.
✦ Follow the logic of superstition.

Blessed Acts

  • Taking care of those infirmed by age
  • Preventing permanent establishment of Fade phenomena
  • Becoming lost in the Fade

Transgressive Acts

  • Having or establishing a known route through the Fade
  • Mistreatment of the senile

Preferred Profession: Magic User
Preferred Race: None
Sacred Places: the Deep Fade
Opposing Gods: Farlanghn


Despite her miniscule following, Gollaia is a greater goddess because of her association and perhaps control over Aversill’s most salient feature: the Fade. The Fade is believed, by her followers, to be the delirious dreams of the crone’s senility. Without humanity to remind her, she forgets what reality is supposed to look like.


In general, Gollaia is worshipped among the elderly and those who care for the elderly. There are, however, countless secret Gollaia cults who believe that decay can be mined for clues about the Fade. Some of these cults concentrate on human decay in the form of senility while others study particular forms of decay associated themselves with things like corruption or a set of ruins. Gollaia is not in direct contact with these worshippers exactly, but occasionally they do seem to learn things about controlling passage between worlds

Gollaia’s Paradise

Supposedly, Gollaia is asleep somewhere in the Fade in one of the world’s famous hidden places. Her followers do not go to her when they die. Rather, she protects them so that they can pass on to other paradise’s. There is a commonly held belief that the God Rolod happened upon Gollaia when looking for a place to hide from the Primordials.

Answering Prayers (see Non-Cleric Prayer)

Faithful Prayer

Chance of answered prayer: 2%

Spells attributed through prayer

1: Portent
2: Augury
3: Remove Curse
4: Abjure
5: Plane Shift
6: Find The Path
7: Astral Spell

Desperate Prayer

Gollaia does not tend to answer desperate prayers. Her religion is devoted to careful preparation: the collapse of age, the persistence of the wilderness. If she bothers to hear prayers from the uninitiated, it is generally only to pull them into the fade.

Chance of answered prayer: 1%


Chance of Curse:

Things That will cause a curse of Gollaia:

  • Mistreating the elderly
  • Guiding Fade creatures into the World
  • Creating stable areas in the Fade
  • Leaving the Fade with unresolved business
  • Defiling a temple of Gollaia
  • Using the Fade as a weapon

Types of Curses

Fade To Black (Chronic): Gollaia’s anger is manifest in its full and awful power. The cursed simply disappears faded from existence and human memory. They are gone. It is possible that a wish spell might bring them back, but this would require remembering the cursed to bring him or her back.

Thinning the Veil (Chronic): Whenever the character is alone, there is a chance to slip into the fade (even if the character is in a city, or even just on the other side of the door from a crowded room).

Recurring Visitation (Chronic): Whenever the character enters into the Fade, they find themselves always in the same strange locale, whether it be an endless graveyard, an abandoned city, or some Arcadian glen.

Escape (Acute): Something from another world escapes into this one to hunt the character down.

Aging (Acute): The character gains enough years to be the next age category older. If they are already venerable, the character dies.

Agent of Age (Chronic): Anyone and everything within the character’s presence ages at 50x normal rate. Food goes bad fast and people spending any length of time around the character are likely to start noticing themselves getting old fast.


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