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Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Bane is an evil god of war and conquest. He is widely feared as the patron of all invaders and marauders. Those whose deaths are claimed by Bane are given over to Gruumsh to fight in the eternal war on the Desoleen plain.

Bane’s temples are rarely built in civilized nations but occassionally a temple of Kord or Hieronious will become corrupted by outside influences in particularly imperialistic kingdoms. It is said that during the Fall of Aversill, all of the temples to Dephos had been corrupted into temples of Bane. He directs his followers thus:

✦ Take anything or anyone you can get. If others cannot defend it, it’s yours.
✦ Start wars, enter wars, win wars. War is the natural solution to all human endeavor.
✦ A state in peace is a state waiting to be conquered.

Blessed Acts

  • Destroying civilian populations to make a point
  • Terrorism
  • Creating a military state
  • Organizing an evil war host

Transgressive Acts

  • Mercy
  • Diplomacy

Preferred Profession: Fighter, Warlords, Conquerors, Professional Soldiers
Preferred Race: Humans
Sacred Places: Unmarked Graves, Mass Graves, Army Camps, Razed Castles, Razed Villages
Opposing Gods: Heironeous, Kord

Followers of Bane

Phenomena Associated With Bane

A number of horrible phenomena are affiliated with Bane. The most notable has to do with what is sometimes called Merc’s Shift. Worshippers of Bane, and those who fall into behavior patterns affiliated with Bane, tend to mutate horribly, and often powerfully. Warlords of Bane may begin as human but they rarely stay that way. Some of the most powerful mortals Allusia has ever known have been Warlords of Bane. Unfortunately, Merc’s Shift is also fatal.

The angelic creatures known as the Ligerant are often associated with Bane as well. They are said to each have been born as the physical embodiment of a major battle. Ligerants are horrible creatures that resemble giant emaciated angels. They are common servants for Bane’s most powerful worshippers.

Bane also “blesses” the mass dead in ways that rival the horrors of Vecna. Any battle waged in the name of Bane leave behind dangerous mass graves known as Dirge Blights within the Fade. These locations produce horrible energy that fills the dead with undead spirits bent on war and conquest. The result is an army of the undead that sit in the fade waiting to terrorize humanity for centuries to come.

Finally, Bane, like Kord (sometimes identified as his brother, though sometimes Bane is identified as Gruumsh’s brother instead) often comes to the world of the mortals and breeds. Unlike Kord, however, the offspring are not limited to civilized races. Bane-breed monstrosities are as likely to be humans as goblins or dragons.

Bane’s Paradise

Bane’s paradise is the Desoleen plain. Those who die in the service of Bane serve him eternally in battle. They are promised the whole of Delvionus if they win.

Answering Prayers (see Non-Cleric Prayer for chances)

Spells attributed through prayer

1: Cause Fear
2: Spiritual Hammer
3: Animate Dead
4: Cloak of Fear
5: Slay Living
6: Blade Barrier
7: Exaction

Desperate Prayer, Base 3%

Bane doesn’t really care much for desperate prayer. He is too sadistic to really do much more than enjoy the poor wretches who find themselves wanting his help in times of trouble. Moreover, he is too arrogant to want to give anyone a second chance to worship him. If Bane answers a supplicant’s prayers, the poor bastard can be expected to spend the rest of his existence as the henchman of one of Bane’s chosen.



For chances of suffering a curse, see Curses
Things that will cause a curse of Bane:

  • Defiling a temple (Major)
  • Harming individuals under the protection of Bane (Minor)
  • Harming individuals with Merc’s Shift (Minor)
  • Visiting the Desoleen Plain as a mortal (minor)
  • Defiling an artifact (Major)
  • Saving those whom Bane wants destroyed (Major)
  • Stopping any war that has been prophesied (Major)
  • Organizing a force to stop an evil army (Major)
  • Disobeying an order from Bane (Major)
  • Defending a defenseless population (Minor)

Types of Curses

The Wrack (Acute): The character is stricken with their level in damage using the same dice expression they use for hit points. For example a 5th level fighter would take 5d10 damage.

Warbird (Acute): The character is attacked by a flying creature of hit die equal to the character’s level. This attack will happen only when the character can achieve one-on-one combat with the monster.

Rabid Dogs (Chronic): Wherever the character goes, people are planning to go to war. The character is always in the middle of an invasion, a siege, or the raising of a defense.

The Maiming (Acute): Roll a d6. On a 6, the character loses a limb. On a 5, the character loses either an eye or his (or her) sense of hearing. On a 1-4, the character loses 1d3 off of a characteristic. Remove curse will not restore this damage, but a regeneration spell will.

Infinite War (Chronic): Once the character enters a battlefield, he is stuck in it in a never ending campaign of brutality. Any attempts to leave the warfield will either result in the character being branded a deserter, or will simply fail. The scope of the war simply becoming too big for the character to walk away from it. This may be an effect of the Fade.

Fall in Battle (Acute): Character takes double damage from physical attacks for the duration of their next battle.


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