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Alignment: Evil

Asmodeus is generally considered the greatest of the evil gods in the Aversillian pantheon and may be the most powerful of gods devoted to human kind. He is the god of tyranny and domination—through will and through strength. His nemesis is Demogorgon who rules though lies. Asmodeus rules through irrefutable truths. Legend holds that it was Asmodeus who first convinced Pelor to turn against the Primordials.

Asmodeus is supported by human arrogance. He is a necessary component in daily life and is a prominent fixture in all political Divine Circles. Asmodeus is often worshipped through his numerous Avatars all of whom appear, from time to time, as reminders of the inherent strength of humanity over humanoids, and of the king over his subjects. Wherever a ruler refuses to be questioned, Asmodeus is there. Some of the greatest rulers of all time have worshipped him even unbeknownst to themselves. He directs his followers thus:
✦ Recognize weakness and rule over it. The weak must fear you.
✦ Allow neither mercy nor compassion.
✦ The strong deserve the power they attain.
✦ Fear is a weapon.

Blessed Acts

  • Taking total control
  • Squashing rebellion
  • Forcing others to pay fealty
  • Sacrifice of intelligent creatures in the name of Asmodeus.

Transgressive Acts

  • Mercy
  • Diplomacy
  • Democracy

Preferred Profession: Rulers of all kinds
Preferred Race: Humans
Sacred Places: The Halls of Power
Opposing Gods: Demogorgon, Bahamut

Phenomena Associated With Asmodeus

All domination is the creation of Asmodeus. All strife between ruler and ruled is the trial of Asmodeus forcing rulers to prove themselves. All desire to overthrow a tyrannical government is devoted to Asmodeus as well. Only the violence caused by revolution is owed to Bane and only the prisoners of insurrection belong to Torog. Asmodeus basically owns all features of government wherein rulers command those who are ruled for their own benefit (protection is Erathis, care is Merrika, and virtuous reasons are Bahamut).

Because of his influence, Asmodeus’s name is derisively attached to critiques of political causes in the same way that Hitler, fascism, and communism are used in our society. The belief is that these followers are secretly in service to a priest of Asmodeus, or worse, unwittingly under the service of Asmodeus.

The side effect of assuming that tyrants and rebels are both in the service of Asmodeus is that it is very hard for a rebellion to get sympathy, and thus, most tyrants rule without challenge for religious reasons. Moreover, those rebellions who are successful tend to be more severe. After all, everyone already thinks they work for Asmodeus.


Very few intelligent races directly worship Asmodeus. He represents characteristics that are abhorrent to human-kind, and he is too civilized for most humanoids. Most Asmodeus worshippers do so through passive worship. They become agitated towards either their government or, as members of the government, they become tyrannical.

Occasionally, however, cabals form in the name of Asmodeus of government functionaries, or between rulers of different cities. These organizations may survive for an entire dynasty of rulers or longer. Rumors of such illuminati persist in almost every large city, though exact membership in the cabals shifts depending on who is asked.

Asmodeus’s “Paradise”

Hell. The bottom of a series of rifts set into a volcanic landscape. Asmodeus rules from a palace in the center of a frozen lake which is swept, frequently, by enormous walls of fire. It’s fairly uninhabitable.

Those souls who come to Asmodeus generally find themselves located somewhere in the nine hells. Souls who served him well in life are, occasionally, given covetable positions in the hierarchy of Hell, though whether this is a blessing or a curse is debatable.

Answering Prayers

Faithful Prayer (see Non-Cleric Prayer for chance)

Spells attributed through prayer

1: Command
2: Enthrall
3: Cause Paralysis
4: Cloak of Fear
5: Quest
6: Forbiddance
7: Unholy Word

Desperate Prayer: (Base 2%; see Non-Cleric Prayer for chance)

Myths and legends depict Asmodeus as a fiend waiting at the elbows for humanity to offer him their souls. Some devils are like that, but not Asmodeus. His power is so great in Aversill that he gets a great deal of power simply through the mechanisms that are already in place. He generally answers desperate prayer only if it will get him a great prize. His blessings, even then, tend to become curses. Corruption is part of the deal. He is, after all, the emperor of Hell.


Chance of Curse (See Curses for chances):

Things that will cause a curse of Asmodeus

Types of Curses


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