Treasure Map Table

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Dice Result
01 -05 False map
06-70 Map to monetary treasure
71 -90 Map to magic treasure
91-00 Map to a combined hoard
01 -20 labyrinth of caves found in the lair
2 1 -60 outdoors, 5-8 miles distant
61 -90 outdoors, 10-40 miles distant
91 -00 outdoors, 50-500 miles distant

Treasure shown on the map is:

01-10 buried and unguarded
11-20 hidden in water
21-70 guarded in a lair
71 -80 somewhere in a ruins
81-90 in a burial crypt
91 -00 secreted in a town



1 Appears to be of a small underground trading post on the bank of a river
2 Betrays the general layout of a dark elven city with many locations clearly marked
3 Clearly marks the path to a room of portals to other planes or dimensions
4 Depicts a series of gear-shaped rooms connected by small short hallways
5 Depicts an area shaped like the head of an axe with outlying rooms
6 Depicts a twisting set of corridors marked with symbols for fungus, webs, and pools of water
7 Details that a certain set of chambers are for prisoners and extracting information
8 Details the different tunnels to take while sailing a narrow but treacherous underground creek
9 Displays a twisting array of tunnels leading to a cavern with an underground forest
10 Highlights the safest route to take through an area clogged with artificial passageways
11 Leads the way to a room showing an immense pyramid
12 Leads to a hall with tremendous pillars of carved beasts and a huge stairwell leading down
13 Reveals a clear path through a treacherous route of lava tubes, marked with salamander images
14 Reveals which room is really a hidden temple with idol and treasure
15 Shows a collection of wide, circular rooms but no obvious connecting hallways
16 Shows a near maze with dozens of very small chambers, possibly living quarters
17 Shows the hidden servant’s entrances to a cavern marked as a dragon’s lair
18 Shows the outline of a great chamber with a summoning circle on a dais
19 Simply contains average rooms but is marked with illusory script pointing out treasure
20 Torn scrap showing a way a prisoner was able to escape to freedom

Treasure Map Table

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