The Knights of the Platinum Will

Knights of the Platinum Will are a divine order dedicated to fighting injustice throughout Fallen Aversill. Unlike Bahamut’s other followers, however, the Knights of the Platinum Will are unconcerned with the tyranny and domination by magical or humanoid overlords. Instead, the Platinum Will is dedicated entirely to ferreting out tyranny within areas of Western Allusia that most would consider humane or civilized. They have few friends among monarchs, nobles, counselors, and aristocrats. Those who shape civilization fear Bahamut’s inquisitors.

The Knights of the Platinum Will serve the Oracle of Saurani, a temple originally dedicated to Bahamut within Fallen Aversill. Saurani is one of the few structures that survived the calamity that overtook the kingdom. It now sits in the midst of a cursed city, surrounded by a wasteland and the occasional creature, brave or fool-hearty enough to enter into its silent and haunted streets. The temple is upheld by monks who keep it and its oracle safe. From her position inside of Saurani, the oracle directs the lone knights to find corruption.

Out in the world, the knights tend to make more inroads with the rank-and-file of humanity than they do with rulers and courts. Their goal is to ferret out corrupt officials and this is generally easier to do by making camp among the peasant folk. Once corruption has been found, the knight of the platinum will either meet their enemies with force or by organizing peasant uprisings.

Most rulers would gladly rid themselves of a knight of the platinum will upon learning of his or her presence in their realm. By tradition, however, a dead knight of the platinum will is avenged by an army of his brethren. They are directed, according to legend, by Bahamut himself. Crossing the draconic god of justice is not considered a wise idea. Only a demoniac king would make such a mistake on purpose. Of course, paladins can be made to fall…

Notable Personalities:

Ulcavaros, the oracle: the oracle was sent by Bahamut to serve Saurani during the reign of Aversill. Some say that her failure to detect the corruption caused her to exist in a state of undeath and that, now, the oracle serves the temple as a lich. Others claim that Ulcavaros is an ancient gold dragon and that, despite its virtues, it was vulnerable to bribery, as all dragons are. Still others claim that Ulcavaros is a Loa or an angel of Bahamut. Truth be told, she could be anything. Nevertheless her powers of discernment are powerful beyond the kin of mortals.

Shaidonner: The knight Shaidonner was given the charge of hunting down the counselor Gernskald Horvos from Starfell when he first went on assignment for the oracle. Within months, he had dragged the heinous crimes of Gernskald into the light. The counselor was publically executed and the job done. Since that time, Shaidonner has brought fifteen corrupt rulers to the chopping block. It wasn’t until his last assignment that he discovered that all of his quarries were related to Horvos through blood: cousins, uncles, aunts, siblings, etc.. Shaidonner has since dropped out of the Platinum Will, has ceased serving Bahamut, and has becomes, of all things, a paladin of Wee Jas. He is now dedicated to ferreting out the family curse of the Horvos in penance for the crime he suspects he may have committed in executing all prominent members of the family.

Rello Stipe: Rello Stipe has been given the unfortunate job of rooting out corruption in Sarazol, which means that she is constantly attempting to bring to light the hundreds of crimes that happen every day within the boundaries of the border city, from whatever petty bureaucrats are currently in charge in any area of the city. Rello is unique among the knights not just because she is forced to deal with a ridiculously complicated and fairly corrupt political situation, but also because she has employed a fairly unconventional means of finding her quarry. She employs the various thieves guilds of the city to give her information about corruption. To do this, Rello uses spies within the ranks of the organizations which she plays one against another to keep any from growing too powerful. Needless to say, Rello has fallen from her condition as Paladin and is only a fighter. Nonetheless, she is dearly favored by Bahamut and this has, more or less, kept anybody from noticing that she is, essentially, Neutral Good in alignment now.

The Knights of the Platinum Will

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