Obo Vye


At the beginning of time, the primordials used the God Worms to chisel away at the stuff of creation in order to make reality. Once the world was created, the God Worms fell into that class of divine creatures which no longer had a purpose or a place to call home once the universe was created. The God Worms are something like demi-gods who were never born.

Obo Vye is one of the God Worms, but seems to have a further history past the point when the universe was initially created. At some point, he served an Eladrin princess and was forced to kill her to keep her from being dragged off into Terran Hassoli. The heartbreak has, otherwise, imprisoned the God Worm into the mundane world and into a fairly impotent form.

The connection between Obo Vye, the Family Van Artog, Bronach, or any of the other major powers at play within the Reach Highlands. Perhaps his presence there is just a coincidence, but it would be one hell of a coincidence if a proto-god and an artifact were to come into play at the same time and have nothing to do with each other, especially considering that Obo Vye’s major awakening happened just as Ketal discovered the sentinel.

The other obvious feature of Obo Vye is that he has some kind of tie to worshippers (or should we say worshipper). Moreover, Obo Vye clearly can dig holes in reality between the mundane world and the world of the Fade. He has been sighted digging around the Reach Highlands, the Fade, and even the Fey Wyld.

Obo Vye

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