Inside Laboola, Second Chamber

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What the kid says

Victory Conditions

condition #1
When the child is “dealt with” (however you decide to deal). The pool in the center of the room will lose its acidity. At that time, you may search it in order to find the reins. Untying the reins is part of the victory conditions.

condition #2
Do not use more than 14 healing surges during this scene or in the short rest that follows the encounter.

condition #3
Get out of the horse and back to the area around Fusenhase. On every round after the child is dealt with, I roll a d6. When I score 6 successes, the rising tide of stomach bile becomes acidic again. If the characters are not out of the horse, one way or another before this happens, the horse will puke you out on some random part of the world (minus possessions).

Rules of the encounter

If you are in a square that has more than one kind of terrain in it, you are considered squeezing. If you pass through such squares they count as double movement. THIS IS TRUE EVEN IF THE SQUARE IS ONLY BARELY CUT BY ANOTHER KIND OF TERRAIN.

The Lost Child

  • Attacks on the lost child cause the earthquake to go off an an immediate reaction and then to reset.
  • The child’s defenses and hit points are not level appropriate.
  • The child is supposed to be dealt with through non-combative tactics (skill challenge 6 successes before 3 failures). This is not required. Social interraction requires that the character climb the spire with the child on it.
  • The skill challenge structure is:
    Insight DC 18, maximum 1 success
    Religion DC 18, maximum 1 success
    Intimidate DC 23 (helped by insight; if you have already made the insight roll, intimidate becomes DC 18)
    Diplomacy DC 23 (helped by Religion, if you have already made the religion roll, diplomacy becomes DC 18)
    Bluff DC 23 (if you have already made either a religion roll or an insight roll, DC 18), maximum 1 success
    Athletics DC 13, maximum 2 successes/failures.

The Earthquake

  • The Earthquake, if it hits, will slide you 2 squares towards the acid. Each turn it has a chance of turning off. If it is off it has a chance of turning on.
  • You may use a move action to brace against the quake (Nature or Dungeoneering DC 17). Success gives you +4 reflex against the atack.
  • If you are prone, you take no damage from the quake and are slid only 1 square.

The Spewing Ducts

  • The Spewing Ducts are treated as traps. They do not have a combat solution (You can’t just attack them) and must instead be interracted with. The success of that interaction is determined by the skill Thievery (other skills may aid, depending). They may be disarmed (DC 23), or tampered with, reducing their attack bonus by 3 (DC 15). You must choose before you attempt a thievery roll.
  • The Spewing Ducts attack on their initiative round everyone in their area.
  • Anyone climbing a geyser (active or inactive) grants combat advantage.

The Big Pool of Acid (shallow)

  • If you enter or begin your turn in a square completely in the pool, you are auomatically attacked (7 Acid damage, 3 ongoing acid damage).
  • If you are in a square partially in the pool, you may make a saving throw to avoid being in the pool (and taking damage).
  • If you are prone in the pool while entering or at the beginning of your turn, you get hit again and may stand (if possible) as an immediate reaction.

The Big Pool of Acid (Deep)

  • If you are in a square partially or completely in the deep pool, you are considered Grabbed (Fortitude 15, Reflex 15).
  • Being in the deep pool causes damage (plus ongoing) as with the shallow end. Prone characters do not get the immediate reaction

The Pool Cleansed (after dealing with The Lost Child)

  • The pool no longer causes damage.
  • The pool counts as difficult terrain.
  • As a standard action, a character may use Perception (DC 20) to follow the reins to the knot.

Inside Laboola, Second Chamber

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