Allusia is home to the usual lot of humanoid races. By far, the most common humanoids in Fallen Aversill are goblins and orcs. Most other races are either too small in population to threaten anything more than their immediate region or exist in climates outside of the area between the Flintridge Mountains and the Reach Coast. Gnolls, for instance, are an enormous problem for the March, but rarely make it into Western Allusia.

Most of Allusia’s humanoids face a similar problem as that of civilization in that they are vulnerable, it would seem, to the Fade. Thus, goblins have to be just as careful as humans in establishing a demesne and to paying heed to the curses levied upon the world for the sins of Aversill. There are some exceptions to this rule. Legend has it, for instance, that every third troll is a Loa in disguise. If trolls are vulnerable to the Fade, it is not readily obvious. In fact, most of the stories of creatures making off with travelers deep in the woods speak of trolls directly: they are not the Fade’s victims but its servants. The same is true of Giants who are obviously at home in the more desolate mountain regions but have been encountered walking the lonesome wastes between the outposts of civilization, appearing out of nowhere and with little reason to stray from their desolate homes.

Orcs, the second most numerous race in Allusia, are also vulnerable to the Fade, but because of their cult-like reverence for berzerker rage, they use the chaos of the wastelands as a testing ground for their warriors and their tribes. They do not, as a rule, carve out domains of safety in the chaos, but instead embrace it as another challenge levied upon them by Gruumsh to be overcome. Other races, kobolds, for instance, live out an extremely parasitic existence by lurking near stronger civilizations and hoping to stave off the Fade in that way. Of course, being of limited intelligence, kobolds tend to end up raiding their benefactor rather than coexisting with them.

The major humanoid races of Allusia and the types of regions in which they make their home are as follows:

Goblins: Goblins make their homes in dark places, either underground, in ruins, or in dark forests. There are a number of creatures in the Fey Wyld which lay claim to being Fey counterparts to goblins, but for the most part, mundane goblins stay away from Trods for fear of Elves and Eladrin, both of which, they detest. Hobgoblin and Bugbears follow the same pattern of settlement as goblins.

Orcs: Orcs do not live in any specific region but are instead drawn to battlefields. Orc tribes and hordes tend to move around in nomadic patterns throughout Allusia bringing war with them in their wake. Whether this takes them into the jungles of the Gosh Gelios or the frigid tundra of the Glass Wastes seems to be immaterial. They are at home only in war, and if they end up sacking a civilized area and, by violence, cleansing it of anyone who might fight back, they tend to move on to the next area.

Kobolds: Kobolds live in the upper reaches of the Under-Kingdom. They are primarily a threat to the Dwarvish lords. the kingdom of Modentod has fought three major wars against kobolds over the past 1000 years. In recent centuries, however, the kobold forces have dwindled because of the presence of the Drow. Kobolds only venture forth from their underground lairs to follow the orders of a dragon.

Gnolls: Gnolls are the primary humanoid race on the March. They live in nomadic packs that have grudging contact with other packs to form a great kingdom. Gnolls do not build or maintain permanent cities. Occassionally they make it as far as the eastern slope of the Flintridge Mountains. Their presence anywhere else is considered abnormal. The Gnolls killed more humans crossing the March during the wars between Aversill and Havack than did either of the two kingdoms.

Xvart: Xvart are a minor race that sometimes uses a domain of humans to keep the Fade away. Legend has it that Xvarts are the result of a curse against a city of human slavers during the age of Aversill‘s ascendancy. Scholars have attempted to pinpoint the Xvart’s home city, but to no avail. If the rumors are true, Wee Jas wiped the world clean of that information. Xvarts exist only in Western Alussia.

Lizard Folk: Lizard folk or lizard men live, primarilly, in the Bloodwater Swamp. They do not seem to have much desire to move outside that area. If other tribes of lizard folk exist elsewhere, they are reclusive enough not to have been discovered. Most of the intelligent races ignore Lizard Folk because they keep to themselves and are rumored to be watched over by numerous powerful and vengeful Loa.

Ogres: Ogres have very little chance of surviving the Fade on their own. Their civilizations are too small and are generally only temporary. Some ogres may survive on their own in the wastelands, but most would prefer to team up with smaller creatures to stave off the chaos. Ogres can be found in any terrain or climate. Moreover, the existence of Fey Ogres suggests that mundane Ogres are corrupted version of a Fey race, like elves are for Eladrin.


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