Character Background, Marcher

You were born and raised on the Sentinel plain: its dry swept deserts, its sunbaked plains. You have been either a footsoldier to the land’s endless crusades or a witness to the marchers as they cross the land moving off towards Havack, more often than not, only to be stopped somewhere east of Heironious. You have never known a world without war.

You should make some assertion about your characters attitude towards war and soldiers. Obviously, if the campaign isn’t located on the Sentinel plain then the character had reason to get away from there (voluntary or involuntary). If the campaign is located on the Sentinel Plain, it is not necessary to take this background if other, more apt, backgrounds present themselves.

Feature: Life of War

The character gets advantage whenever he or she makes Wisdom rolls related to military organization or history. The character also get advantage on Int rolls or Wis rolls when dealing with small unit tactics (20 men or so), if in charge of that unit.

Skill Proficiencies: History, Survival
Armor Proficiencies: Shell Armor
Languages: Thri-Kreen,
Equipment: Light Shell Armor, Backpack, Bedroll, Light Clothes, Spyglass

Personality Traits:

1 I hero worship a particular military leader or military unit.
2 I am up for a fight. I am up for a fight, right now!
3 I crave the warzone.
4 I regale my companions with endless stories of my exploits (true or not).
5 I think of places outside of a city’s walls as being a sea of perilous chaos.
6 I am of the opinion that calling in the guards is the first and best answer.
7 I have seen too much and am now distant except when called to action.
8 I do not have time for petty problems or minor evils.
9 I love the core. Everyday day in the core a celebration, every meal a banquet, every formation a parade.
I detest the organized military, whether it be the town guards or the Streckhorn Regulars. They do nothing important until everything's gone wrong.

Character Background, Marcher

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