Character Background, Exiled

Your character lived in a realm within the Fade…the Feywild, the Shadowfell, or some other place, but was stuck on this side of the wall after a gate closed. Now the character is stuck in the world of the Center, occasionally, blindly entering the Fade, without any clear way of getting back home.

This is an excellent Background for any of the cursed races, but it is appropriate for any race really. For humans or dwarves, however, there’s probably some back story as to how they came to be raised as natives of another world. Characters taking this background must choose whether they were transformed into another race upon entering the Center.

Skill proficiencies: Arcana, Deception
Languages: One, corresponding to the common tongue of your realm.
Equipment: Potion of Dancing Lights, Potion of Silent Image, Chalk, set of common clothes, set of otherworldly garments, 1 trinket

Feature: Your character is accustomed to his or her home plane (wherever that is). It’s considered normal. The character gains advantage on any checks to understand either the customs of that world, or on any checks to survive the environment of that world (but not both, the character must choose at the time of character creation).

Personality Traits

1 You are chronically bored by the banality of the Center.
2 You think of yourself as a tourist in a strange place and you tend to overreact to rather everyday occurances.
3 Your belief in your own personal tragedy is deep and…well…tragic. This is often annoying to others.
4 You consider yourself superior to mortals of the Center. You may think of yourself as your savior or as their emperor.
5 You see secret plots and machinations everywhere as you envision the influence of your home world in places where others (perhaps rightly) do not.
6 You attempt to pass off the style of the other world as your own personal style believing that others won’t really know the difference.
7 You bring up the way things work in the other world constantly, referencing places and personalities which others have never heard of.
8 You have no time for mundane trivialities and are prone to pay attention only to the most important or dire of circumstances.
9 You find mundane personalities fascinating. While the subtleties of their personalities often elude you, you find the act of discerning their motives incredibly entertaining.
10 You enjoy sharing the traditions and ways of your home world with others.


1 Explore Your goal is to find stable paths through the Fade in the hopes that you’ll find one home (Any).
2 Return Your goal is to gain enough magical power (either by yourself or through politicking) to return home (Any).
3 Emissary Your hope is to act as a good representative of your homeworld so as to gain stronger ties between the Center and your people (Lawful or Good).
4 Insurrection You have imported a racial or political battle from your world to this one and you hope to destroy your enemies in this world (Lawful).
5 Evoke The mundane world has the energies of your home world in good supply, they just need to be accentuated (Chaotic).
6 Prevent You know the dangers presented by your world on the world of the Center, and you seek to stave off that danger.


1 Unfinished Business There is something you were supposed to do in the other world, and your being trapped in the Center has prevented you from being able to accomplish your goals.
2 Trod You are sustaining your existence in the world of the Center because you know of a secret place to revive yourself with power from your home world. You must keep it safe and secret.
3 Alter Identity You are losing yourself in the Center and you’re striving to keep in touch with who you were on the other side.
4 Sentinel You have an important item from your home realm that you see as your mission to protect.
5 Ward You have survived in the Center by the good graces of an adopted family whom you would die to protect.
6 Exiles You were not alone when you were trapped on this side. Your fellow exiles are, however, not as proficient as you. You see them as your family.


1 Confusion You just don’t get it. The Center makes very little sense to you and you are often in a state of confusion about how things work.
2 Ennui The subtleties of interaction in the Center are terminally boring. You long for real drama and stir up trouble to entertain yourself.
3 Haunted You have nightmarish memories of being pulled over from the other side that affect you on regular basis. Your sleep is irregular and you sometimes find yourself distracted by painful memories.
4 Arrogance You believe that your unearthly quality makes you superior to mundane mortals and your not afraid to let them know.
5 Conspiracy You see the influence of your home realm in mundane events, such that you have developed an alternative narrative of what’s really going on.
6 Driven You want a way back to your home world and the search for that path is an obsession.

Character Background, Exiled

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