Character Background, Changeling

The character was kidnapped and pulled off to another world to live out their existence there. Regardless of when the character went to the other side, he or she was always considered an outsider and probably lived out a fairly poor existence (as a slave, servant, or prisoner). Generally speaking, the mundane, when taken to other places, are the source of great attention. They are, essentially, more real than the world around them (even if they’re also less magical or interesting in general).

Characters who take this background must elaborate the various details about what their condition was like in the other world, the people (or creatures) they may have known, and how they made it back (escape? even trade? expulsion?) Players should also consider why their character was kidnapped in the first place.

Feature: Supernatural Notoriety Something about the character is enticing to creatures from the other world. Characters automatically gain advantage on charisma checks against creatures from the world in which they were trapped.

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Stealth
Tool Proficiencies: One set of Artisan’s Tools or one Musical Instrument
Languages: Whatever language is common in the realm of one’s imprisonment
Equipment: Common clothes, either one variety of artisan’s tools or one musical instrument, a random potion, a trinket, bedroll, and either a pet from the other world or another random potion.

Personality Traits

1 I become enchanted with the most common things as if they were exotic or magical.
2 I don’t want attention and would prefer that others not notice me.
3 I’m used to the finery of the other world and really don’t enjoy roughing it.
4 I don’t want to know your history, and I’d rather you not know mine.
5 My personality is extra buoyant to reflect my living in a world that is more dramatic than the Center.
6 I can easily become embroiled in the world of sensation and aesthetic pleasure.
7 I enjoy playing people against each other to get what I want.
8 I am convinced that my captivity suggested my cosmic importance and I remind people of it whenever I can
9 Traumatized by my experience in the other world, I am slow to react socially and have a bit of a thousand yard stare.
10 I tolerate the mortal world, but I’d prefer to get back to the world of my captivity


1 Revenge You want vengeance against the creature or creatures who kidnapped you.
2 Explore You don’t mind the weirdness of the other world. In fact, you’d like to see it all.
3 Rescue You want to help free the other changelings who are out there as it is an abominable condition
4 Mastery You understand the powers that are out there and you want to make yourself strong enough to resist them.
5 Lost You have no idea what to do next and you are wondering where the world takes you.
6 Destiny You are convinced that there is a greater plan for you and you’re bound and determined to find it.


1 I owe the people or creatures who helped me get back a life boon. That means a lot on either side of the veil.
2 I must protect something I’ve brought back from the other side. It holds great power, though you have no idea what it is.
3 You will return to destroy your captors.
4 My new family on this side are my only link to normalcy, without their reality, the madness of the other world would take over.
5 I am driven to discover trods.
6 I need to return to recover secret knowledge, needed in the Center, that exists, now, only in the Fade.


1 I never trust anyone. The danger could come from anywhere.
2 Ennui. You are bored by anything but extremes.
3 I am never comfortable, ever.
4 My only alliances are made over shared enemies.
5 I detest things from the other world.
6 Secretly, I’d rather return to the world of magic than be free in the world of the Center.

Character Background, Changeling

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