Avandra's Servants of Amnesty

Across Allusia, Avandra calls her followers to free prisoners. Her concern from the welfare of the imprisoned has grown since the fall of Aversill, mostly because of the conditions in which prisoners are now kept. Small city states and ill-policed fiefdoms have led to grave dungeons which, consciously or not, serve Torog. It isn’t so much that Avandra forgives the criminals, a common charge against her worshippers, it’s just that she doesn’t associate the level of punishment with the crime, or with any crime really. The prison systems of Aversill are often horrible affairs.

Avandra calls individuals, through dreams and prophesy, to help bust people out of prisons. Her liberations are not confined only to those who are falsely accused, but instead, seem directed by her unknowable will.

The liberators, themselves, share little in common and organize only as necessary. They haven’t an official name, for instance, though their existence is well known to rulers. Often these servants of Avandra specialize in a particular brand of liberation: saving fallen aristocrats, freeing war prisoners, extracting prisoners from orc camps, etc..

Other servants of Avandra specialize in recuperation. Many who are released from the dungeons of Allusia are no longer fit for their old lives and have to be helped out in some ways so that they can return to their society. Among Avandra’s followers are strong healers and powerful benefactors who offer aid to those who Avandra sees fit to release from Bondage.

Some notable Servants of Amnesty

Tyshe Macrob

Avandra's Servants of Amnesty

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