Words in Common Parlance

  • “All A Glimmer”: Generally describes the entrance to a trod or suggests that the natural world is becoming a trod
  • “Temple Wives”: prostitutes
  • “Valley _____”: Prefix. Fake or cursed. Reference to Aversill: the city in the valley.
  • Cursed Womb: a description of a woman who has given birth to someone with a curse.

Common Phrases

  • “Even the dead have their gods”: There’s a god for everything with the implication that one can’t worry too much about what the gods think.
  • “If you pray to the thousand gods, you can’t stop after the first hundred”: A life devoted to the gods requires all of your attention.
  • “Here and on the March”: …as in ‘here and on the March’. Work is hard. This is a complaint.
  • “From Grey to Red and Cursed Between”: Throughout fallen Aversill.
  • “Noeathian Summer”: A particularly harsh winter.
  • “Like a fine day in the valley”: A reference to Aversill; not everything is as it seems.
  • “Fish and Gimble”: Smuggled goods.
  • “All Gosh and Gelios”: Lost beyond belief, when it is you.
  • “All Gosh and Gelios and gone”: Lost beyond belief, when it is something you don’t plan on seeing ever again.
  • “Like a Goat in Graveyard”: Reference to Orcus, Likely to produce bad results.


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