CR1- Fear in Fusenhase

CR1, Treasure

Inside Laboola, first chamber

CR1, Scene 4

While on guard, Voyd and Ta received a wagon that was supposed to be loaded with reinforced supplies for Haresbreath from Streckhorn. Instead of three wagons and a bunch of loaded down horses, only one wagon arrived. They’d been attacked by Gnolls coming up the road.

After the attack, the caravan driver made it to Fusenhase where they picked up a group of nobodies to take up the hill (as it turns out, is customary). The nobodies include Hap and Kep from Galton who have come to Haresbreath to get advice from the Thane Wizards about a cursed tree they cut down. They’ve got it’s stump back in their village (it has a face on it) and they have twigs from the trees to show the Thane.

Nobody asked the girl dick.

One of the pilgrims was a decorated officer of the Streckhorn guard named Nander Pry. Nander explained to Arranis that he sought out the Thane’s advice for an upcoming expedition into the Gosh Gelios. Arranis suspects deceit. Pry did not arrive with any maps, nor does his uniform suggest an explorer.

The characters on guard detected a weird aura in the air around Haresbreath, but nonetheless, when pressed into service, were sent by the Thane’s Reconatier Felsbeth to guard one of the two roads leading out of Haresbreath (the low road leading down to Fusenhase).

Utilizing disguise they snuck up on a group of gnolls who had captured a small band of Fusenhasians and their goats and tied them to a tree. The gnolls, revelling in the upcoming feast, were caught unawares and slain piteously, save for one gnoll who was knocked unconscious to await interrogation.



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