Xvarts are an oddball humanoid race. Like kobolds, they hatch from eggs, though they much more strongly resemble goblins. Either way, they live in the extreme fringe of all societies. They simply haven’t the organizational strength to compete with the other races such as Goblins, Orcs, or Ogres. Here and there, the Xvarts form small communities. If they happen to run into a human community, they are generally in danger of being run down by peasants.

What’s worse, none of the other humanoid races will really help Xvarts since most consider them an inferior race. Thus, a hundred strong tribe of Xvarts is pretty much on its own and is generally only about as good in combat as a hundred strong peasant army… that is, of course, assuming they don’t run into a goblin tribe which would pretty much eradicate the xvarts on general principle.

Despite their hanging on to the bottom rung, however, Xvarts continue to be cruel, and perhaps even crueler than their fellow humanoids. They worship ridiculous gods who welcome cannibalism and intelligent sacrifices to insure spells. At this, Xvarts tend to reach greater heights than their fellow similar humanoids. Their superior access to magic, coupled with their small numbers, however, tends to just make them a target for their brethren humanoids.

Xvarts fear humans and will only attack a human party if they are greatly in the majority.


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