Treasure From Meet Up Adventures

Against the Cult of the Reptile God (this has been, to my knowledge, all divvied out and dealt with)

15223 gp
12 sp
+1 Plate (2500) 800 xp
+1 Spear (1500) 500 xp
bag of holding (12500 gp) 5000 xp
elven boots (250 gp) 1000 xp
ring of protection +1 (5,000) 2000 xp
potion of gaseous form (200 gp) 600 xp
potion of invisibility (250 gp) 250 xp
philter of love (150 gp) 200 xp
2 healing potions (200 gp/each) 600 xp
Scroll: slow, stinking cloud, detect magic (1500 gp)(L7) 600 xp
Scroll: Heal, cure disease, detect magic (2750 gp)(L7)
26800 gp in magic items
42023 gp total

6003 gp apiece with 2 gp left over

The Sentinel and Red Tam’s Bones

potions: Potion of Frost Giant Control
1 potion Clairaudience
1 potion of sweetwater
1 Scroll: protection from petrification
book of Summoning Familiars
oil of elemental invulnerability
potion of plant control
1 magical suit of splint mail+2
1 magical longsword, Blocker: can prevent being hit, by holding action and interrupting an attack, the counter attack does half damage.
1 longsword
2 magical bastard sword. hits on 20 lower AC by 1
1 potion of green dragon control
2 scroll cases- spells unidentified (Code C, Code D)
Battle Axe +1
Ring Mail +1 (on Bruce’s character)
Ring of Water Walking
Robe of Monster Summoning I (6 charges)
Fiddle bow that plays itself
Mantle of Royalty (on Ryu’s character)
Lamp of permanent heat
potion of explosions
+1 Sword of ferocity natural 20’s give an extra attack
potion of pit repellent

All characters get 4,600 GP (somewhere like that, anyone have the number?)

Treasure From Meet Up Adventures

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