the twelve lords

The Twelve Lords of Delvionus are generally considered the gods of humanity, human-kind, demi-humans and civlization. They are often worshipped together as a set of gods that have humanity’s best interest at heart. Pelor, Moradin, and the Raven Queen are generally considered to be two of the most powerful gods among all their kinds, but the other members of the Twelve Lords of Devlionus are less powerful than their peers. Corellon as a god of magic, for instance, is nothing next to Baccob, though Baccob cares very little for humanity or anything else for that matter.Hieronius is worshipped as a god of justice just as often as Bahamut and is occassionally included with the twelve instead of the platinum dragon—especially for those who have had great strife with the dragons. During the reign of Aversill, Clodesta was worshipped instead of Erathis. Melora is worshipped by those who want safe passage through the wilderness or over the sea, but Typhon and Govid Ohm hold much more sway even if they’re less responsive to prayer. Rokshide is the undisputed master of the deep woods, but she is an enemy to humans and does not bless their passage.

The Twelve Lords are said to have built a great citadel to house the dead among the civilized and higher races that the gods had created. Delvionus was to be a great paradise. The number of souls ferried into Delvionus, however, is but a trickle as its walls have been laid siege for an eternity by Gruumsh and his cohorts.

*Avandra, goddess of change, travel, adventure, and the frontier

*Bahamut, god of justice, protection, nobility, and honor

*Corellon, god of Spring, beauty, arcane magic, and the arts

*Cuthbert, god of Vengeance and retribution

*Erathis, goddess of civilization and trade

*Ioun, god of Knowldge, skill, and prophecy

*Kord, god of storms and god of battle

*Melora, goddess of the wilderness and the sea

*Moradin, god of creation and artisans

*Pelor, god of the sun and summer

*The Raven Queen, goddess of Winter, death and the dead

*Sehanine, goddess of Autumn, trickery and illusions

the twelve lords

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