the Monastery of the Grey Cowl

The monastery of the Grey Cowl, Shimmer’s Sconce, exists at the northern end of the Dragontongue River running along the western edge of the Flintridge Mountains.

The Order of the Grey Cowl

The central tenet of the Grey Cowl’s philosophy is that the prophesies of the future are not naturally occurring but come from intercessions out of the Fade. The idea is that the Gods and Goddesses intercede to change the world of mortals form a place of consistency to one of barbarity, tragedy, enlightenment…whatever.

The Order devotes itself to finding those places where the prophesy is likely to intercede, and to do its best, at that spot or upon that person, to determine the morphology of the Fade there. The goal of the Order is, through this analysis, to learn through who or what the prophesy will materialize. This has the dual purpose of knowing who to blame or thank for the fulfillment of the prophesy, and also who to appease should curses come from whatever follows

Religious Affiliation

The Order serve a circle involving Istus, Ioun, Gollaia, Wee Jas, and Baccob, which they refer to as the Grey Council. The Monks are, however, not particularly religious. They see these gods and goddesses, generally, as necessary forces for the discovery of the future.

Organziation Size and Activity

The Order is fairly small with each of its monks taking up a particular prophesy and dealing with it in a quasi-scholarly fashion. For instance, the monk devoted to the Van Artog family went to the area near Kusnir, built a mini-shrine in a cave, and then proceeded to study the family’s decline for decades without really interceding. This is the norm for Order activity.

As for the size of the order, it’s difficult to determine. So many of its members work out in the world that the population of Glimmer’s Sconce is no indicator. The monks of Glimmer’s Sconce are primarily there for the monastery’s protection as it is the eventual repository of the Order’s discoveries, and the occasional target of those who would exploit prophesy, not for the good of humanity, but for personal gain.

the Monastery of the Grey Cowl

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