The Family Van Artog

The Family Van Artog has, according to legend, always been defended by the Sentinel, which has, also according to legend, always been wielded by the heir of the Van Artog family. It’s unclear exactly why an unassailable fortress requires a special artifact to insure its protection except that somewhere out there is an equally powerful artifact known as the Gauntlet which has the power to disable the fortress’s defenses.

Because Alderweg fell into relative peace for two generations of Van Artog’s, Quinnet Van Artog believed the Gauntlet lost forever. He chose to take his family to the lakeside villa of his wife Lavinia rather than live out the remainder of their days in Castle Alderweg. Unfortunately, the shirking of his ancestral duties carried with it a heavy penalty. History does not record what happened to Quinnet, but his wife Lavinia bore him two twin sons in the villa who were born invisible to human sight. After being cast out, Lavinia continued to bear cursed sons, though these were not of the Van Artog line.

The characters have discovered that there were two other Van Artog children, both girls, and both born before the move to the villa. Katrina was taken by the Van Artog confessor to Cinderham-on-the-Moors where he used a magical ritual to erase the town from human memory. The other daughter, Gronya, disappeared around that time, and reemerged when the characters discovered her, fully grown, inside the trod of the the Vernal House.

It is, yet, unclear what relationship the Van Artog line has to the Sentinel. Ketal is clearly wearing it and it hasn’t made an attempt to move on to either Gronya or Katrina. Perhaps, the line was never more than a tradition and the Van Artog’s have no real claim to the protection of Alderweg or to the power of the glove.

The Family Van Artog

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