Quasi Wrap Up to the Vault of Gag Mar

The characters were told by the Sons of Anarog that a rival force was operating in the warrens of Downscrape, led by the kobold prisoners of Torian Dross and the New Godders. They were told that, besides roughing up the locals, they had managed to silence a forward outpost of the Sons.

The character’s goal was to determine what or who destroyed the outpost. The characters and the Sons needed to find out what they were up against so that they could attack this rival force and find out how to get into Torian’s dungeons (assuming, of course, that the characters still want to find a way into the inner sanctum of the temple).

What did they find? The kobold traps were still in place and ready to go off. The guardians were still alive and well. It basically looked like someone had put the place on lockdown and then disappeared. In the end, there were only two kobolds to be found: a dead kobold in a room full of poison gas and Gag Mar himself in a room full of kobold corpses. Explanations are hard to come by here. What spooked the kobolds to set their traps and what, ultimately killed them, hidden behind their secret door.

Six clues present themselves:

  1. The kobold shaman had a lot of material for making 2 kinds of potions: Charm detection, and Mind Blank.
  2. The kobold prisoner had the face of an Illithid drawn in blood on the wall of his cell.
  3. Both Gag Mar and the Poison kobold seemed unable to listen to reason.
  4. The prisoner is still alive and waiting to be interrogated.
  5. The kobold vault was defended by Ettercap and spiders (both of which are too powerful to serve kobolds).
  6. The kobold have armor that is beyond their capabilities to create.

Quasi Wrap Up to the Vault of Gag Mar

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