Notes on Kobolds and Drow

Let’s start it this way… Kobolds don’t like Drow. The underdark creatures don’t like each other. The creatures of the upper underdark don’t like the creatures of the lower underdark. And Kobolds don’t like anyone. It might be worthwhile to read what the average person thinks about the Drow and Kobolds. Given the way the Drow operate, it’s unlikely that the kobolds would have that much of a different opinion between Drow and Elves…which is to say that they’d hate each of them equally; Drow don’t make a point of telling people that the crimes they commit aren’t to be blamed on elves.

The thing is, though, that kobolds are vulnerable, like hobgoblins, to a strong leader. Generally, though, that leader needs to be a dragon.

Having said all that, the Drow take advantage of vulnerabilities. They fight abholeth and Illithids, and yet, they dominate the underdark as humans dominate the sunlit world. They succeed by using their enemies weaknesses, and by using their enemies against their enemies. Kobolds, like the kobolds stuck in the warrens of Downscrape, probably don’t like the Drow…then again, the Sons of Anarog could use any help they can get.

…And what’s the result. The Sons of Anarog have spiders on their side…that’s either something or it isn’t, but the forward outpost has both spiders, ettercaps, and suits of armor that don’t look like things that kobolds can make. If a cursed spirit is howling about how it betrayed its kin to Lolth, chances are the Drow are involved with the kobolds of Downscrape.

Notes on Kobolds and Drow

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