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I am currently revamping the site and the campaign so bear with me. Two things have driven this revision…well, three, but two main things.

The first is that D&D 5e is coming out, and as much as I’m really trying to NOT like it, I like it. I like it a lot. It feels very much like 1e and 2e, with enough of the 3e/3.5e/4e solutions to make it worthwhile. There are things I don’t like in it, but they are, like with the first two editions, capable of being fixed with some homebrew ruling (things which were not possible with 3e, 3.5e, and 4e). It, honest to God, doesn’t suck, and it’s streamlined and interesting and… so, there’s that.

The second is that, as much as I love Aversill, I have finally realized what the campaign world has been striving towards all this time, and now that I know, I know. Aversill is post-apocalyptic, except that it isn’t post-apocalyptic in a Gamma World kind of way. It’s post-apocalyptic in a cursed by the gods kind of way. The world is obviously and horribly deformed by the vengeance of the gods. That has been a kind of thing before, but what the world has really seemed like is a Tolkien-esque place with occasional strangeness called the Fade.

But that’s not what I want, and maybe I’ve only realized that recently. What I want is the Gamma World. A place filled with a behemoth past civilization that has faded into history and is now, just gone. I have talked about “the Strewn” here as a kind of thing that’s sort of interesting about Aversill, but I’m starting to think, that’s the campaign world: occasional islands of civilization floating in a gigantic sea of “what the hell is that/who made all this/is there any logic out here” whatever. I suggest the Gamma World mentality because Gamma World suggests a kind of attitude about the mystery of the world around the characters that Dungeons and Dragons does not. That’s what I’m going for. People crawling over the corpse of a past world and trying to make the best of it.

So, instead of asking ‘should this be in a D&D campaign?’ or ‘how would a fantasy mindset deal with this?,’ I would rather ask: “what would this look like in a post-apocalyptic world?”

Now, mind you. This isn’t GW. The cataclysm has nothing to do with nuclear war, radiation, robots, etc.. Nor is the fallen civilizaiton space age or futuristic. Magical, yes; science fiction, no.

The result is that the world is covered with the vast ruins of some extensive and powerful civilization, and all of it has fallen. Most of it has been reclaimed by nature. Deep into any of it, and it gets even stranger. Basically, it’s an enormous magic wasteland that readily produces impossibilities.

That, it seems to me, is what I’m going for.

And so…I’m pointing my campaign at this. I think it’s what I’m going for and I think it will be very interesting. Please watch for upcoming changes and editions to what’s here.

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