Encounter Design

Step 1: Roll up a place for the encounter to happen. If the encounter is in a constructed area, roll here.

If the encounter begins in a natural underground area roll here. If the encounter begins in a natural area roll on the appropriate table below:

Step 2: Encounter Goals

1-3 Use 1d3 Skills
4 Use 1d3 Skills + Spell
5 Cast a Spell
6-7 Use a Magic Item
8-10 Use 1d3 Skills + Magic Item
11-12 Use Info
13-14 Use 1d3 Skills + Info
15 Interact with a Ally or Friendly NPC
16-17 Use 1d3 Skills + Interact with a Ally or Friendly NPC
18 1d3 Skills + Beneficial Terrain or Feature
19 Beneficial Terrain or Feature
20 Use 1d3Skills + Beneficial Terrain or Feature


1 Environmental Damage
2 Environmental Effect
3 Firepower
4 Skilled Opposition
5 Overwhelming Firepower
6 Overwhelming Effect
7 None
8 Roll Twice

Obstacle Shape

1-2 Supernatural Feature
3-6 Natural Problem
7-9 trap
10-14 Monster
15-16 Adventure Heavy Element
17-18 Relationship Between NPCs
19-20 Two Obstacles, Roll Again

Step 3: What is the state of the party when encounter happens

1-5 The characters are together and have a full range of motion
6-8 Encounter happens when 1 member of the group is separated from everyone else
9-11 Encounter happens in a generally inaccessible location
12 Encounter happens in a secret area
13-15 Encounter happens in a bottleneck
16-17 Encounter happens when party is divided
18 Encounter happens remotely
19 Encounter happens in another plane
20 Encounter happens in magic area

Step 4: Roll 1d6: 1-5 the encounter happens on a level plain. On a 6 roll, roll for an alternative encounter plain.

  1. The encounter is vertical up
  2. The encounter is vertical down
  3. The encounter is aerial
  4. The encounter is balanced between land and air
  5. The encounter is aquatic
  6. The encounter is balanced between land and aquatic

Step 5: Light Source (1-65% Darkness, 66-80% Torches or Lanterns, 81-00% other source, roll on table)

Light Source

1 Bonfire
2 Brazier of coals
3 Campfire
4 Candle
5 Continual flame/light
6 Dancing lights
7 Daylight
8 Fireplace
9 Holy relic
10 Lamp
11 Lantern
12 Lighthouse
13 Magical emanation
14 Moonlight
15 Phosphorescent lichen
16 Positive energy
17 Small elemental
18 Starlight
19 Sunrod
20 Torch

Step 6: What do the characters get if they win

01-05 Mundane Objects
06-18 Important Information
19-40 A Creature’s Horde
41-50 Equipment or Weapon’s Cache
51-60 Combined Horde
61-70 Art Treasure Table
71-75 Roll Magic Horde
76-79 Odd Magic
80-85 Access to Magical Fixed Object or Area
86-90 Ally
91-95 Treasure Map
96-100 Exit From or Entrance to Difficult Part of a Dungeon

Treasure Chest Description

Terrain Table
Magical Side Effects

Encounter Design

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