Dephos is the lesser god of soldiers. He is worshipped by chaplains in established professional armies. He is generally seen as a secondary god to Kord or perhaps even an avatar of Kord. During the height of the kingdom of Aversill, Dephos was worshipped as the empire’s war god. During that time, Kord was viewed as the symbol of military force put to ill use.

✦ When battle is required, enter it bravely.
✦ Respect diplomacy but act swiftly when it fails.
✦ Respect your enemies by treating them as adversaries.


Dephos’s followers are all professional soldiers and mercenaries. He is not worshipped just as a god of life, but as a god of the lifestyle of professional soldiers: men who move from conflict to conflict, earning their living through war. He does not have secret followers, but his priests and priestesses are often called in to negotiate treaties and contracts.


Dephos does not have a distinct paradise related to him, but his believers generally believe in Televionus where they will, essentially, retire.

Answering Prayers

Faithful Prayer

Chances of Having Prayer Answered

2% Base
+3% Character is a professional soldier
+2% Character is at war
+3% Character is under siege
-3% Character is not being paid to fight
-5% Character is betraying his force

Spells Given in Prayer

1 Portent
2 Withdraw
3 Create Food and Water
4 Cure Serious Wounds
5 Flame Strike

Desperate Prayer

3% Base
+3% Under attack by an Army
+2% Under Siege by an Army
+2% Supporting a Mercenary Army
-5% No army in conflict is a professional army

Dephos generally answers desperate prayer through the appearance of an army. Often this army is one that was not considered by either side in the battle when considering their chances of victory or defeat. Dephos is fairly uninterested in answering prayers that occur outside of a major conflict but may still intervene on a whim (he is, after all, a god). Generally, Dephos fixes problems by offering a chance to join a mercenary force. The desperation of the prayer generally requires that the supplicant live out a term of service as a sell-sword.


Chance Of Being Cursed

3% Deserter
5% Disloyalty
4% Breach of Military Contract
2% Defilement of holy items or relics
+0-3% Severity of transgression


The Double Cross: Whenever the character enters into a contract or money making deal in which he or she trades their combat expertise for gold, there is a 50% chance that the deal will go badly.

Deserter: The character bears the mark of Dephos. Anyone can see it and everyone knows that it means disloyalty.

Bearer of War: The character increases the level of hostility in any civilized place where he spends more than a night of sleep. Augury spells may reveal the character as the problem.

Body of War: This is reserved for serious transgressions. Dephos turns the character into an iron golem in the service of a mercenary company. He or she will spend the rest of their days in forced loyalty.


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