Conceptual Overview

The principle issue of Aversill is that magic, fantastic beasts, and even the supernatural belong to another world. The world of human beings, while being extremely varied in what it calls natural, is not a place where spells and magical artifacts are commonplace, or even believable. A normal person living in Lonevulture or in Noeethia may hear tales of crazy beasts that walk in the wastelands of the untrodden wilderness, but they won’t particularly believe them at their word. Manticores and leprechauns are just the stuff of legends, though who knows for sure. Real wizards, real magic, is powerful and terrible, though thankfully rare.

The human world is divided up between city states like Seacourt or Streckhorn, and feudal domains like Vigildock or Rolleddy. There are no kingdoms or countries. No great expanses of land ruled by some lord and free of dangers. The best one can hope for is a walled in city and maybe some of the farmlands directly surrounding it. Everywhere else, it is little else but the desert of the wilderness.

For this average person, the real danger is that human beings are one of many races that vie for control of the continent. What’s worse, they don’t always win. Luckily, the other creatures, the goblins and trolls, the Orcs and the Drow, prefer desolate places and darkness, but this is no reason to let down one’s guard. The hordes come, and battle with these monsters is an inevitability. The continent is dotted with towns that no longer exist, wiped clean by the dark beasts that come out of the wilderness.

In many ways, Aversill resembles the superstitious world of medieval Europe. Peasants live in fear of others who are not like them. They fear that there are crazy monsters in the woods. They fear that if they venture far into nowhere, they will not return. They will simply disappear. They fear that there are parts of the world which exist which they do not, and cannot, understand. The only difference is, in Aversill, unlike in medieval Europe, this condition is real.

The pockets of civilization are simply islands in the great sea of shifting strangeness that lies where the roads don’t go. In between these areas, the world stops paying attention to natural law. Cause and effect seem to lose their sway. History becomes mythology, and magic becomes king. Thus, the world of Aversill is split between the civilized world (known as the Centering) and the uncharted wastes (known as the Fade). It is the same whether it is in the Gosh Gelios, the Sentinal Plain, or in the wastleland between Lonevulture and Eincondor.

For those who live in Centered regions, the stories of the Fade sound like embellishments, legends, or outright lies, but for those who venture into the Fade on a regular basis, known as Delvers, the strange lands beyond civilization are rich places filled with adventure, danger, and more than anything else, treasure.

But the Fade itself is merely a gateway, because in the Deep Fade, even the illogic of magic succumbs to world-rules that bear little resemblance to those of the Center. Beyond the Fade are the worlds of the dead, of the fey, of the immortal city, and all the places that might be called heavens or hells.

Venture far out into it and all bets are off.

Conceptual Overview

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