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Greater Goddess

Avandra is generally considered one of The Twelve Lords of Delvionus and is a central deity in the Aversillian pantheon. Her counterpart in the Twelve Lords, according to Havack is Torog, a god with whom Avandra is consistently at odds.

As one of the Twelve Lords, Avandra has temples throughout Western Allusia, the March, and even in the desolate areas like the Gosh Gelios. However, Avandra’s most powerful temples are in places where freedom is the most precious: prisons, workhouses, orphanages, dungeons, and the like. These private shrines are often much more powerful for prayer than their more resplendent urban versions. It is not unheard of for adventurers to set up shrines to Avandra in places of heavy exploration. Avandra’s sign is generally drawn in chalk to indicate a group’s passage and to tell future groups where the forces of good and justice have already ventured (and where they might be in case of rescue).

A goddess of change, Avandra’s chief domains are freedom, travel, adventure, and the frontier. Halflings, merchants, and all types of adventurers are drawn to her worship, and many people raise a glass in her honor, viewing her as the god of luck. Her commandments are few:
✦ Luck favors the bold. Take your fate into your own hands, and Avandra smiles upon you.
✦ Strike back against those who would rob you of your freedom and urge others to fight for their own liberty.
✦ Change is inevitable, but it takes the work of the faithful to ensure that change is for the better.

Blessed Acts

  • Acting Bravely
  • Going to new places
  • Freeing prisoners
  • Improving the way things are done

Transgressive Acts

  • Taking prisoners
  • Supporting jails or prisons
  • Risking the safety of the frontier

Preferred Profession: Adventurer
Preferred Race: Halfling
Sacred Places: Wayside Shrines, Places where the worshipper has never been, the frontier
Opposing Gods: Asmodeus, Torog

Phenomena Associated With Avandra

Avandra Marks: Adventurers often inscribe the symbol of Avandra in their exploration. These inscriptions can mean a number of different things. They may mean a warning to other explorers that the treasure within is spoken for, they could indicate directions, or they could indicate that a ruin has been cleared in the past as well as when. Almost all adventurers know how to read Avandra’s simple marking language.
Star of Avandra: Following Avandra’s star is said to be a sure way to enter the Fade. While in the Fade, Avandra’s start is one of the only celestial landmarks that stays in its same location.

Avandra’s Followers

Among Avandra’s followers, one finds prisoners, adventurers, those held in service, or those held in bond. In addition, explorers pray to Avandra as one of the deities responsible for safe travel through the Fade. For many worshippers, Avandra represents, more than any other deity, a deity of humanitarianism. That being said, Avandra’s true sphere of influence is simply freedom. She supports freedom for orcs as much as for humans.

Avandra’s commands a more rebellious group of people who are desperately against imprisonment. These liberators are not officially organized though they might occasionally be pulled together by Avandra to accomplish one of her goals. In addition, there are numerous civil groups against imprisonment or poor treatment of prisoners and they all, to one degree or another, are under the direction of Avandra. Some, the more militant, are occasionally directed by Avandra herself to release specific prisoners from bondage.

Avandra’s Paradise

Avanadra’s version of heaven is one of an eternal frontier. The worshiper lives out the rest of their existence journeying around the kingdom of Telavionus, greeted as returning heroes wherever they go and finding nothing but friendship and understanding on the road.

Answering Prayers

see Non-Cleric Prayer for chances

Spells attributed through faithful prayer:

1 Endure Cold/Heat
2 Detect Charm
3 Remove Paralysis
4 Exorcise
5 Plane Shift
6 Find The Path
7 Succor

Desperate Prayer: Base 6%

see Non-Cleric Prayer for chances

Those who pray to Avandra out of desperation have either, generally, lost their freedom or are lost in some wasteland. Avandra answers both desperate prayers equally, but like most greater gods, she expects recompense for her interference. There are many captive the world over. Some the followers of Avandra would gladly help. Some they would not. Avandra, however, isn’t so picky. Commonly Avandra expects those whom she offers assistance to pass the favor on by helping to liberate another desperate soul of her choosing. As these are desperate prayers she is answering, there is often a great deal of risk and sacrifice involved in pulling off rescue missions assigned by Avandra.


See Curses for chance of being cursed

Things that will cause a curse of Avandra:

  • Entering a prison or jail as free person (minor infraction).
  • Taking a prisoner (minor infraction).
  • Killing a prisoner (major infraction).
  • Defiling a temple to Avandra (minor infraction).
  • Defiling a shrine to Avandra (major infraction).
  • Attacking/killing a traveler on the road (major infraction).
  • Mishandling sacred items (minor infraction).
  • Attacking a frontier outpost (major infraction).

Types of Curses

Wanderlust (Chronic): The character cannot sleep within 20 miles of the last place where the character slept.

Nomad’s Doom (Chronic): The character cannot sleep within 50 miles of the last place where the character slept.

Transported (Acute): The character is transported very far away to a place where they will be outsiders.

Friendless Foreigner (Chronic): Anyone sees the character for 2 days in a row will contract sickness and will get sicker the longer they continue to see the character.

Emissary (Acute): Character is ordered by Avandra to give help and succor to a wanderer who would, otherwise, be extremely unwelcome. Refusing to help the wanderer completely will result in the character’s death.


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