Tag: Glossary


  • Receiving Parlor

    A receiving parlor is a common feature of a noble home. It is like a giant living room, lavishly decorated and publicly available. Other rooms in a noble home are generally off limits to all but the noble's family, friends, and servants.

  • avatar

    Avatars are echoes of a god which can be, for all intents and purposes, gods as well. Many believe, for instance, that Bane has an avatar for each of the humanoid races and thus [[Magublyat]] and [[Gruumsh]] are just avatars of [[Bane]] worshpped by a …

  • Reeve

    A Reeve is a figure put into place by a local government. Basically, a reeve acts as a duke, a count, or viscount over local matters. Those who request higher council are generally allowed to take their case higher than the Reeve, but in doing so, may …

  • Hallowed

    Hallowed implies that the ground or location is blessed by a particular deity. Generally, this has less to do with goodness or holiness, and it has more to do with a deity or [[Loa]] being willing to protect the area by [[curses|cursing]] those who …