Tyshe Macrob

A Lycanthrope's Best Friend




The trade of the werewolf hunter has always been something of a problem in Aversill, even before the fall of the kingdom. The places a hunter must go to seek out the skins of the lycanthropes is generally too far away from civilization to garner the appreciation of most nobles for the services performed. The hunters who head off into the empty regions are generally on their own for most of their careers. Moreover, they face deep suspicion upon their return. They fall victim to the fears of the civilized world regarding those who spend too long “out there,” which become only worse when coupled by the superstitions that surround their query. After all, he who hunts the wolf is in danger of becoming the wolf.

Few people pursue careers as werewolf hunters without serious and traumatic motives. Tyshe Macrob may be the most notable exception. His lack of social skills are derived from his fairly serious dislike of people. Despite Tyshe’s respect for law and human authority, he has very little patience for the chaos of general interaction. Because of his anti-social attitude and a rather limited set of skills related to civilized jobs, Tyshe Macrob made the decision first to head off into the wild, then to become a hunter, and finally to hunt werewolves. The motive behind his decision? Werewolf pelts are worth a lot of gold.

He became a werewolf hunter of some renown in the wasteland between Noreaston and Ravensconce, but werewolf hunters have short careers and he, himself, soon became afflicted with lycanthropy. Struck down in the middle of nowhere, Tyshe was cursed to become a creature hated by civilization in a place too far away from anything or anyone for him to find help for his plight. By the time, Tyshe would have made it back to civilization, he would already be fully infected and beyond hope of saving his dwindling humanity. His only remaining choice was to head off deeper into the woods and hope that he never again saw another human upon whom he would, because of his disease, be compelled to feed.

Unfortunately, he was not to have the peaceful trip into the wilderness for which he’d hoped. The Hunters of the First Heart, compelled by an influx of lycanthropes through the region, had been called upon by Melora to hunt down and slaughter the monsters. Obviously, they, being well acquainted with the importance of guides, found Tyshe a few nights before his first full moon. He was packing up his cabin to head deeper into the wilderness. Having no explanation to offer the rangers for his reluctance, he was compelled instead to lead the rangers into the wilderness to attack an old temple of Avandra, recently inhabited by werewolves. The Hunters killed about half the wolf pack and captured the other half. By morning they were human again and headed back to Noreaston for sale in magical experiments.

During the trip, Tyshe talked with the captives and watched over them at night when their involuntary transformations made them a danger to themselves. He saw in them, his future, and knew that it would not be long before he joined them in their cage. They saw in him, a victim of their curse, and felt compelled to teach him about Avandra and the peace she offered to captives. He prayed to the goddess daily, and in his hour of trouble, even developed compassion for the afflicted.

When the full moon rose, and Tyshe did not change, he knew that he had the goddess to thank. He freed the lycanthropic priests of Avandra and swore to devote the rest of his life to ending the curse of lycanthropy where he might by releasing humans from its hold, not in death, but through life. It is said that he has been given the knowledge of freeing these ‘prisoners’ by Avandra herself.


Tyshe Macrob has bushy black hair that he pulls back into a top knot. His skin is marked by the scars he’s earned hunting down lycanthropes, most of which he accents through tattoos. Because his course of profession rarely takes him out in the day or close to civilization, he is pale of skin and outfitted in shabby and weathered clothing.

Notable Features

Animal Companion: Tyshe’s animal companion is a wolf named Ardris. Ardris was, originally a half elf who was stricken with lycanthropy. Tyshe could not separate the human from the werewolf and, instead, was forced to exorcise the sentient species from the creature, which left behind only the wolf. The wolf is ridiculously feral, even by wolf standards, but for some reason it tolerate Tyshe and keeps him under surveillance. The word ‘companion’ might be too optimistic of a description.

Script Answers

  • “Greetings! What’s your name, friend?”
    • Cold look, and then a slow, but steady, retreat back into the forest.
  • “Ready your weapon and prepare to die!”
    • Backing up against the dense packed foliage.
  • “That’s a nice cloak you have there. Would you consider a trade?”
    • “Here. Have it. I’ll take that rope” (Tyshe likes new things; he just doesn’t get into town very often)
  • “Enemy troops ahead! We’ve got to do something!”
    • “Stay over there by that tree. Try not to be seen and hope that they can’t smell you. I’ll be right back.”
  • “Will you allow some weary travelers to rest here for a bit?”
    • “Here? It’s not safe for your kind.” Stops and listens to something only he can hear. “I’d keep marching til your clear of these hills.”
  • “Do you know where Ramus the Healer resides?” (Assume the answer is ‘no’)
    • “No such man around here. You’re lost.” Keeps watching the characters as he backs into the underbrush.
  • “Where can we find Princess Marcella?” (Assume the NPC knows the answer)
    • “She’s in the tower at the edge of the woods. What do you need a princess for?”
  • “May I borrow your horse?”
    • Nods suspiciously.
  • “Have you ever heard of Grendar the Mighty?” (Assume that Grendar killed the NPC’s brother)
    • “Is he a friend of yours?”
  • “We need to hide this map. Will you help us?”
    • “Who are you hiding it from?”

Tyshe Macrob

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