Twilight Queen

Fey Queen deep in mourning


The Twilight Queen is mostly known in myths and legends. She is the sovereign of Enna Hassoli, though the myths suggest that she is on the verge of descending to the great undercity of Terra Hassoli where she will become one of the powerful Salubri sunk in her infinite sadness for the rest of eternity. She rules as one of the nobles within the court of Circadia but her post is much more related to the monastery like city within the rift.

Some 800 years ago, 200 years before even the fall of Aversill some horrible thing befell the Queen of Twilight in the fairy city of Enna Hassoli and forced her, in her grief, to close the Western Gate to the mortal worlds. She positioned one of her dragons on either side of the Gate tunnels, Tyrexes in the mortal world and Emperadora in the Fey Wyld, to guard against passage and since that time, no mortal or fey has found passage from one side of Krey’s Wall to the other (or at least no one admits to knowing of such a way—Tyrexes has his agents). The gate to the Fey world through the Lantern Wood has been effectively closed.

What really happened? It’s unclear. Myths and rumors are all that’s left even among the long lived (and occassionally immortal) fey. Does the Queen mourn, for instance, for a loved one who died or for a bitter betrayal? Was the betrayal the Queen’s to commit or to suffer? Is it a sister she mourns or a lover? The details are lost except when they are resurrected in arguments between sages over old dusty tomes or among tipplers on barstools.

One thing is clear: the Queen of Twilight continues to reign in Enna Hassoli, she has not passed beyond into the great rift and the tragic city of Terran Hassoli. Whatever her sadness, her affairs still demand she give them her attention.

The figure for whom the Queen mourns is refered to in legend as the Fetian. The Ascension Queen (or King) of Evermeet attempts each year to channel the Fetian and ask Tyrexes for passage back through the Eastern Gate. The channeling has never worked though there is some reason to suggest that contact with the Fetian has been albeit partially succesful.

There are also rumors that the Fetian is somehow connected with the lighting of the Lantern Wood, but it is unclear whether this is a gift from the Twilight Queen, or whether this is meant to stave off the Queen’s advances.

Twilight Queen

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