Torian Dross

Priest of Wee Jas seeking divinity


Torian Dross is the stuff of legends. Born to human parents in Eincondor, Dross was a twin whose sibling, Eshia, was born with visible signs of “the curse.” While there had been rumors of royal blood somewhere in the ancestry of the Dross family, nothing had manifested up until that generation, and the family had, incorrectly, assumed that they were safe. Wee Jas has her way.

When the midwives saw Eshia’s horns, they recoiled in horror, and such was the beginning of Torian’s relationship with the accursed. Eshia did not live long. A childhood “accident” took Torian’s beloved sister from him before the pair reached their teenage years. Of course, Torian was devastated by the loss of his twin, but there was little sympathy for his suffering within the Dross household. Eshia had been a problem that Torian’s parents had tolerated, and quietly feared. Her death was like a sigh of relief for both of them. They assumed that they could get back to their lives and that their eldest child, Torian, could inherit their fortune.

…But Torian embraced the church instead. He was disowned immediately from his family and forgotten with the same alacrity as Eshia. Torian began as a priest of the Twelve, but it soon became clear, to him at least, that he was only interested in Wee Jas. It was curses that obsessed Torian, not the whim of deities who, it seemed to him, could levy rules, but could not work around them. They reminded him less of personages, and more of the machines the gnomes built in Krimfolet…and worse, Wee Jas, seemed to be their fall-goddess. They made rules that even they seemed bound to follow. What sort of deities were these?

It was not long before Torian found himself in the valley of the Dragon-Tongue River, in a shrine to the Twelve built within view of Fallen Aversill. There he tended to the accursed who found there way to him and promised them something beyond the nodding forgiveness of the Chathalmay Tea brewed by the Men of Curses; he offered them forgiveness.

Torian’s inclination was to teach the accursed to bear their punishments with a kind of pride, and in doing so, undo the gods’ vengeance. After all, if the swarm of perpetual flies wasn’t a cure, what good was it for the gods to maintain the punishment. The masters of the shrine soon discovered, however, that Torian was creating a society of monstrosities that were proud of their deformities, and whatever his intentions, they did not approve. His ‘flock’ was murdered and Torian was sent away.

When he arrived in Seacourt, Torian found his worship of Wee Jas even to the other priests of the goddess (whom he had never met before): the men of curses were, as it turned out, all victims of curses. Torian had never suffered the misfortune and tortures that the gods inflicted upon those who trespassed upon their laws. He was quickly seen as an outsider, someone who could not understand the suffering of the accursed. Facing ostracization within Seacourt, he set out to rebuild his faith north of the city on a seaside peninsula.

It was there that Torian first found the idea that he could escape the shackles levvied on mortals that kept them from reaching divinity. If the gods had only punishment to keep the order of the universe in check, then the answer was simple: simply refuse to bear the punishment as punishment, disturb the divine order, and become something else.

The Seacoast Villa became a pleasure dome for the accursed who formed their own society and delved deeply into the very sins that had initially caused their curse. They reveled in their calamity and through sensations fed the growing divinity of Dross. Then, one dark and stormy night, Dross attempted to ascend. Whatever it was that he did, the gods were powerless to stop him, except for one, Typhon, who for one reason or another took deep offense at the arrogance of the mortal. He struck the villa, knocking half of it down a cliff and into the waves, and sent Torian into a rout. Had it not been for extremely powerful friends, Torian would have been slain by the god. Instead, he found a home with his ally, Anarog, in the Kobold city of Downscrape.

Torian Dross

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