The Abbot



The Abbot is a priest of Gollaia for the city of Cinderham-on-the-Moors. He is a cruel man with an autocratic personality. As the unofficial leader of the city, he considers it his personal responsibility to keep Katrina Van Artog safe. Mostly, however, he wants to assume her power by marrying into her family line. He wants his nephew to be the next Sentinel.

The Abbot is, essentially, a very dangerous Lawful Neutral villain. He wants power, but mainly because he wants to have a larger part in the world’s secrets and mysteries. Unfortunately, he’s paranoid that everyone else is competing with him for his part, and he’s an extremely gifted manipulator. He finds ways to get people to do his bidding even if they understand that he’s leading them into harm’s way. It’s part of his charm (or lack thereof).

No matter. Whatever the Abbot lacks in adventuring experience, he more than makes for in his constantly being surrounded by armies of underlings. What the Abbot wants, he generally finds a way to get. Who the Abbot hates, he finds a way to destroy.

The Abbot

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