@#$% the Fey.


Level 4 Dragonborn Fighter

Max Hit Points: 27
AC: 2 (1 w/shield)

STR 18/24
CON 14
WIS 10
CHA 8(6)

Plate Mail +1 (5,000gp)
Large Shield
Longsword +1 (2,000gp)
Two-Handed Sword
Horseman’s Mace

Proficiencies: Longsword, Two-Handed Sword, Longbow, Horseman’s Mace

As of 10/26/13


The events surrounding the loss of his family and eventual arrival in the Glass Wastes rest beyond the reach of Sygaxurr’s memory. The unremarkable Dragonborn outpost of his rearing was home, and soldiers there could tell him nothing beyond the story of happening upon a hatchling wandering the world starving and alone. His name too would have been lost if not for an embossed brooch fastened to his worn tunic. Out of pity the garrison looked after Sygaxurr, educating him to the best effect a station of conscripts could manage. However, where academics were found lacking martial knowledge and prowess were abundant and he grew fiercely proficient with all manner of arms. Upon reaching adulthood Sygaxurr joined the ranks as a soldier of the Wastes. For six years he served the outpost, standing vigilant over the territory and ruthlessly slaying those who would threaten their purpose. This was all he really knew of the world. As time wore on Sygaxurr began to feel the crushing oppression of this passive, monotonous existence bearing down on him. He could feel his soul suffocating, gasping for freedom, for a proper place in the world, for glory. He left the Glass Wastes, traveling the world a mercenary for three years until chancing upon a most peculiar group of adventurers…

Sygaxurr does not concern himself with discovering the truth about his past. The place within him where this curiosity should exist is filled instead with an unwavering determination to travel his own path. To him, this knowledge at best would serve to soothe a nonexistent anxiety, and at worst confiscate a destiny, an identity, that is his alone to forge by might and deed.

Sygaxurr has a hardened and jaded personality. He is stoic in the face of adversity. Fueled by youthful vigor, the very core of his being burns with the need to engage in battle and to conquer. He becomes agitated by this bloodlust if kept from combat for too long. Once melee has been joined this thirst is often quenched by directly engaging as many foes as possible, tearing them asunder by any means available. The euphoric satisfaction of this need coupled with an unbreakable resolve is dangerous however and may indeed prove deadly, for Sygaxurr will tend to allow his single-minded determination to guide him to the bitter end, whatever that may be.

Carving into the world a lasting identity is Sygaxurr’s prime desire. He is obsessed with gaining personal power by improving himself through gaining experience and obtaining powerful magical instruments. He seeks wealth as a means of securing power and freedom. His aspirations being what they are, Sygaxurr does believe in following a generally moral compass. The legacy he desires to cement is one of strength and power, but also of inspiration, positive action, and responsible authority. He is determined to become the stuff of legend.


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