Nosha Cruen

Hierophant of Seacourt



Seacourt is not known, particularly, as a powerful city in terms of magic. Sure, as a place on the crossroads, it tends to have its share of magical equipment and ancient artifacts pass through it, even on a daily basis, but most other places deal with magic more capably in their daily lives. The exception to this rule seems to be Seacourt’s hierophant who, through her visions, keeps Seacourt out of harm’s way. In fact, it is probably because of the hierophant that Seacourt has, more or less, been able to remain na├»ve about the power of magic. She never lets the town get into situations that would require excursions into the Fade in order to find the power to circumvent their threats.

At the same time, Seacourt seems to be a fairly fecund ground for the creation of hierophants. This is perhaps because of the interplay between land-based and oceanic gods. No one can say for sure. But nonetheless, Seacourt has been the home of Western Allusia’s most powerful civil prophets since the city’s beginning. The newest is Nosha Cruen.

Nosha Cruen

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