Let the righteous wrath of the fallen guide our weapons this day! For the Baron of Seacourt, we fight!


Backup character for when Drothe kicks the bucket.

Name: Ser Nathirien, battle-priest in the Northern Army of Seacourt. (or whatever fluffy equivalent there is)

Class: Fighter/Cleric multi.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Birth & family: A native of Seacourt, raised as the second son of a minor noble. His father, Lord de Calis, sired 3 children in all; Lady de Calis died giving birth to the eldest son, Regnarok. Nathirien & his younger sister, Miskelle, were both born to one of Lord de Calis’ elven servants, who eventually became his mistress. It was a mild scandal at the time, but his mistress turned out to be a much better wife than Lady de Calis ever was, and the scandalous nature strengthened the bonds between the family.

Miskelle grew up as a nun of Paalor,, tending to the spiritual needs of the local community while Ser Regnarok became a soldier & was eventually promoted to the bodyguard to a royal diplomat. True to his half-breed status, Nathirien became an intermediate of the two: he joined the Northern Army of Seacourt as an assistant to a priest of Kord and the chaplain of a small division of ground troops.

Recent events: The war brought Nathirien to the front lines. While defending refugees fleeing from the invaded and destroyed remains of Cinderham-On-The-Moor, Nathirien & a squad of footmen held off a war band of gnolls long enough for the refugees to escape. Most of the soldiers were either captured or killed during the pitched battle. Nathirien himself was captured and brought away from the front lines to the Van Artog family’s home, where he is forced by his captors to tend to their wounded.


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