Lyndran Ba'Jupiter

Lyndran is a 31 year old 5'6" female magic user from a large town.


Lyndran Ba’Jupiter is a 31 year old magic user from a large town. Until she became an adventurer, nearly all of her knowledge was from books. She loves magic, and wishes to become not only proficient in it, but a teacher of it to other interested students of magic some day. She feels the best way to do so is to adventure.

She’s brave, but not stupid, so she tends to stay in the middle of the party she’s adventuring with. Currently, she’s deciding to start worshiping a god of magic in the hopes that she can better help her fellow adventurers. She wants to not only be the firepower for the group, but to someday be able to create healing potions…or at least make enough money to buy them.

Magical creatures fascinates her, and given the time she’d examine them closely, which is difficult to do while adventuring. If she had a way to preserve the various body parts for spell components, she would.

Still a work in Progress

Lyndran Ba'Jupiter

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