A beached sailor who enjoys a scrap.


Neutral Good Human Fighter Lvl 3 AC 2 HP 25

14 STR +200 wt adj./1-2 Open Doors/7% Bend Bars
12 INT 3 additional languages
15 DEX -1 defense
13 CON 85% System Shock 90% Res
10 CHA max 4 Henchmen

+1 Longsword “Brand Ellis!”
Girdle of Stone Giant Strength

Heavy Crossbow
Any nearby Boulder


Ketal was a young orphan when he was press-ganged into service as the steward of a buccaneer named Smirch on the Quinquirime ‘Stormfallen’. Ketal was treated very harshly as slaves are known to be treated. Smirch was often heard shouting “Bring me that Kettle boy…I’s gots to piss!” nearly as often as shouting “Why is my flagon empty?”
Since Ketal didn’t know his real name and due to the association with his assigned duties, the name ‘Kettle-boy’ stuck.

Through the years aboard the Stormfallen, where it cruised the Isperades Islands and terrorized nearby shipping lanes, Ketal grew more and more uneasy with the actions of the Stormfallen crew. Surrounded by murder, rape and generic cruelty he learned to fight just to survive the crew. His only friend was the cook, Danor, a cleric of Avandra who told him heroic tales about the world outside the Stormfallen. With the encouragement of Danor, he snuck food, water and healing to the slave oarsmen hoping to better their plight, teaching them prayers to Avandra for freedom and asking her to look after the souls of those he couldn’t help.

Not long after what Danor had christened as Ketal’s 18th birthday, the Stormfallen was attacked by a privateer hired by various merchant guilds to hunt down the scourge of pirates from the Isperades. Ketal was forced to defend himself from the boarders and showed a great deal of finesse in repelling them, which was not lost on the captain. The next day Danor was killed by Smirch, for supposedly ‘overcooking his flounder’ and Ketal was chained to an oar. It was Smirch’s goal to break Ketal from his kindhearted ways and to turn Ketal into one of his henchmen, a ‘Stormsman’.

His short term as an oarsman was brutal. It did have an effect on his sanity, but not his viewpoint. Ketal was lashed and lashed again, relentlessly. He was chained to random oar-mates and forced to duel to the death for bowls of gruel. During one of these ‘gruel matches’, the privateer returned for another run at the Stormfallen. It had laid in wait in a cove of one of the Isperades many isles for the Stormfallen’s return and had surprise as well as ballistae ranged for the attack. One giant ballista bolt struck the oarsman with which Ketal was grappling and it took them both over the side. Ketal struggled to stay afloat with his chains and the impaled corpse of his less than buoyant oar-mate attached. Smirch threw him a rope and looked vaguely disappointed as Ketal refused to grasp his life line.

The Stormfallen escaped, knowing the Isperades far better than its pursuer and Ketal has yet to see it again. Ketal was rescued by the privateer and was comforted in its infirmary until reaching Anchorbottom where he was released. With no other skills other than carrying a ‘pot to piss in’, he hired on as a man at arms guarding merchant vessels until he had saved enough money and equipment to begin a heroic life of adventure and to see the places and people he remembered so fondly from the stories of Danor.

His solitary goal is to eventually earn enough platinum for his own privateer vessel to hunt pirates…most notably the dread Smirch.

Ketal is currently under the sway of a mysterious artifact know as the Sentinel. This has naught to do with Ketal being slightly unhinged.

Ketal recently just barely survived poisoning by a horde of spiders while hunting ‘the Red Tam’. On awakening, he exclaimed “AAAACK…I had a dream me pecker nerve was broken! AAAAAAAAGGGH!!! My pecker nerve is broken, I can’t feel nothin’ no where!” It seems he suffered severe nerve damage from the poison.


Aversill Beerslayer