Grottersum the Beardless

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Another backup character, because I think it might be fun to play this at some point:

Name: Grottersum Hounskull
Race: Dwarf…regrettably.
Class: equivalent of “engineer” – aptitudes lean towrds gnomish tech, alchemy, and other science/mechanical skills
Alignment: Chaotic Good (or maybe CN)

Background: Hailing from the dwarven city of Molgren, Grottersum is the third son of Chief Brickfist Hounskull, a prestigious noble and one of the King’s elite circle of advisors While Brickfist’s other five sons all grew up in his image and distinguished themselves as leaders of the city, it was obvious even at a young age that Grottersum wasn’t going to live up to his father’s expectations – or anyone else’s, really.

Lacking that innate knack at smithing, mining, fighting, and beer-drinking that others of his race have, Grotttersum was the proverbial goat of his family, the subject of constant mocking and humiliation. He spent most of his time cooped up in his father’s palace. His solace came in his tinkering with the clockwork gadgets his father would import from gnomish surfacers.. Grottersum would take these machines into his study and take them apart, reassembling them in different ways. In the chaos of his life, these little machines were the one thing he had control over.

Being the butt of his family was just a taste of what was in store for him, as the most mortifying event of his life happened when he reached puberty (not too surprising, I’m sure many of us can relate) when he gained infamy as the only dwarf who couldn’t grow a beard.

He could hide the rest of his faults, but this was the one thing he couldn’t. Even just walking down the street, he’d stand out and he quickly built himself a rather undeserved and nasty reputation. After a year of being constantly degraded, and upon reflecting on how the rest of the dwarven world had treated him for most of his life, Grottersum realized he’d never be happy living in Molgren. He left without saying goodbye to his family, knowing that he would never be able to return.

With little more than a pouch of gold, some food and clothes, and a backpack full of his beloved machines, Grottersum began to roam the surface, always on the move, a stranger everywhere he went. After a year of this, Grottersum felt just as alienated from the rest of the surface whorl as he did in Molgren.

His luck turned around in the small village of Pilfreck when he came across a group of gnomes arguing around a huge metal statue. NO statue it was however – it was a Warforged, built from thick metal plates and covered in spikes, with enormous blades for hands and crossbows hanging from its broad shoulders. For all its menacing appearance, it was dead on its feet – the machine had broken down and the gnomes were having trouble fixing it.

Grottersum had been building, fixing, and selling machines for living by now, and with some help from the gnomes they were able to get the Warforged functioning again. Impressed by his aptitude as much as his own eccentricity, Grottersum fit in with the largely scatterbrained gnomes perfectly. They taught him much about machinery, their bizarre inventions, Gnomish culture & language, and introduced him to a new hobby: alchemy.

After several years of traveling (with a few adventures along the way), the gnomes decided to return to their homeland to share their experiences with the rest of their kin. Grottersum decided to strike it out on his own, with directions on where to find his impromptu family in case he changed his mind.

After some months of wandering, Grottersum decided to head towards the city of Seacourt. The gnomes had mentioned it was a melting pot of technology, people, trade, and opportunity – as good a place as any to seek his fortune.

Grottersum the Beardless

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