Gerald The Quaint

An independent druid from a discreet, dying glade in Aversill.


Gerald was born in the city of Sommermaul around 20 years ago, and wandered into the nearby forest at the age of four, becoming lost in the Fey Wyld long enough for search parties to be called off. He had an innate connection with nature and, though he encountered hunger, predators, the Fey, and other hardships, learned to survive in the wilderness.

Two years later, around the age of six, he managed to wander back to civilization, but ultimately failed to reintegrate into society there; as a child, he didn’t understand the social consequences of speaking of the things he witnessed in the Fey Wyld, and he became a pariah. Parents of other children forbode them to associate with Gerald and his family. Strangers stared at him as he walked by. His older brother, Samael, tried to beat the madness out of him on occasion, hoping to regain some of his status with his peers. Denizens of Sommermaul who recognize him are still likely to be antipathetic to him today.

At the age of 9, Gerald returned to the forest northwest of Sommermaul to make a new home there, finding a lush glade where he made a shelter that would take him through most of his teenage years. Around the time that Gerald turned eightteen, the plants around his home began to contract an unfamiliar disease. Their leaves gradually turned a dark purple and developed what appeared to be tiny bubbles on the surface, eventually dissolving into a toxic paste and falling to the ground. His habitat of many years was made uninhabitable, and the rest of the forest could potentially be threatened by this disease, and the disease is beyond his knowledge or power to cure at this point. Around this time, he began balding rather quickly, which may indicate that exposure to the diseased plants may have had some impact on his health.

From there, Gerald wandered around, trying to search for a way to save his home, but quickly found that travelling alone in unfamiliar, non-forested territory was very dangerous. After a few near-death experiences with bandits, a kraken, and some city guards, saved only by serendipitous circumstances, he decided to join a party allow him to travel around with a reduced risk of death.

Gerald is reluctant to discuss his experiences of the Fey Wyld as an adult, due to his experiences as a child. He wears a wig to hide his baldness, and is likely to be under-confident, less charismatic, and possibly particularly unlucky without one. He manages to associate well enough with humans as an adult, but is often distant and aloof. He will not aid or associate with people who unnecessarily destroy wildlife.

Gerald The Quaint

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