I climbed up a naga and pulled a bag over its head. That makes me almost as badass as Sygaxurr.


His real alignment is Chaotic Neutral, sliding into evil or good territory depending on your outlook. Its hard to be consistent as a CN with 5 wisdom.


Life as a Petty Criminal
-Son of poor farmers in the Halfling village of Far Knolls in a big extended family. Happy childhood. Slightly mischievous, very curious, and extremely impetuous; a troublesome combination.
-Would often travel to neighboring humanoid villages, picking up their strange customs, their odd behaviors, and their belongings. Family wasn’t thrilled with this, but it did help put food on the table.
-It also exposed Drothe to the world outside his insular village, sparking the wanderlust that’s common among halflings.

Life as a Hardened Fugitive
-As he traveled farther abroad, he met other halflings living in the larger cities. Most of them lived in rundown alienages, exploited by the upper class humans.
-Drothe quickly realized his sticky fingers could serve a greater purpose by providing for others who depended on charity to get by.
-This got him a reputation with the law. After an arrest & narrow escape from a hanging, Drothe decided to travel to cycle through different cities to keep the law guessing, never staying in one for long.
-Drothe also came into contact with others whose goals aligned with his, and became a part of a loose network of thieves, spies, and revolutionaries throughout Aversills.
-There’s also a bounty on his head. So far no one has tried to claim it…

Love Life
-The relationship between Drothe and another halfling thief named Esmerelda became more than professional.
-With Drothe’s help, the two of them snuck Esmerelda’s indentured family out of the city and back to Drothe’s hometown where the two families blended together.
-D & E plan to settle down & get married back home after 5 years of adventuring.

Other stuff:
-Having never grown up religious, Drothe found the varied spiritual practices of other cultures fascinating. When he believes that gods decide to involve him in their plans, he has superstitions that fall somewhere between zealotry and paranoia. OBOVAI BE PRAISED.
-Drothe casually lies, especially if it makes telling a story more exciting. He looks forward to sharing stories of his adventures to his grandkids one day, with keepsakes of each adventure (each module) as proof.

-greed with a purpose; it’s not about getting $$$, it’s about who you steal it from.
-intragroup likes/dislikes
-wis vs int
-patter flash
-who sees him as Good? why? who sees him as Evil? why? who sees him as Neutral? why?


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