Black Abe O'Shaughnassy



Black Abe is the leader of the Three Very Fine Gentlemen who reside in the trod near Cinderham-on-the-Moors. He is a Buckawn lord, and in general, friendly towards the characters. His tactics have tended to not be deadly, in and of themselves, but have had side effects which were, more or less, painful. Still, it’s all part of some kind of plan. Most notably, Black Abe and crew used their powers to divert the characters from their path to Red Tam’s bones. This diversion wasn’t deadly in and of itself, but it did send half the party straight into the jaws of a forlarren and his mother, an ephemerae which resulted in the death of one member of the party and could have easily led to the deaths of multiple other members of the party.

What is clear, however, is that the character who survived most intact was Drothe, whom Black Abe seems to like, and the person who came out the worst was the Forlarren, whom Black Abe didn’t like much at all. Thus the manipulations of the Fey.

Black Abe also warned Drothe about giving the bones to the Abbot and, later, saved the life of Ketal. He seems to have an uncharacteristic amount of respect for the Sentinal, and grudgingly for its bearer. He does not appear to hold a grudge concerning the death of the fourth gentlemen, the Satryr.

Black Abe O'Shaughnassy

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