The Lord of Thundersparks

Fey Lord in exile


Of the three lords of the Twilight Queen’s court, the Lord of Thundersparks has remained the most fey-like in the operation of his demesne. He is constantly moving between the various locales that he calls his own accompanied by an entorage of various fey spirits and figures that make up his advisory council. Like most true fey courts, the inner workings, political infighting, and jockying for aristocratic positions are at first glance, appear utterly unfathomable to mortals. Prolonged observation will reveal, of course, that there is some underlying method to the interactions between the Lord of Thundersparks and his people, but not necessarilly one that outsiders might employ to curry his favor. The Lord of Thundersparks is as fickle as the winds that carry him about.

800 years ago, with the closing of the Western Gate, the Lord of Thundersparks was exiled to a realm in-between the Fey Wyld and the mortal world (located, according to mortal geography, somewhere within the Lantern Wood). Along with his one-time rivals the Horned Duke, and the Knight of the Morning Dew, he was seperated from the leadership of the Twilight Queen and was made to live independent of the Fey aristocratic structure. The seperation does not seem to have mattered much to the Lord of Thundersparks. Whereas the Horned Duke sunk into depression because of the exile and the Knight of the Morning Dew grew more human-like in the handling of his noble birthright, the Lord of Thundersparks continues to act in a manner beffitting a fey lord: the sky is his court, and the weather his obligation.

According to tradition, there is a long standing feud between the house of Thundersparks and the house of the Morning Dew. In legend, this is associated with a kind of good-natured one-up-man-ship for the attention of the Queen of Twilight, though there is some speculation that exile has turned the competition into a bloody rivalry.

The Lord of Thundersparks

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