The Vault of Gag Mar

The characters continue on in their quest to find out what happened to the kobold forward outpost that went silent so as to learn the extent of the enemy they are fighting, especially considering that this enemy may know a way into the New Godder’s prison.

Note: this is the point of this part of the adventure, the warrens have been hit by a force who can rival the Sons of Anarog, but which has yet to really show its face aside from Kongal the conjurer and Reperol the Alchemist, both escaped convicts. Whatever hit Gag Mar’s forward HQ, however, attacked without anyone seeing it done (a third enemy perhaps?!). Anyways, Gag Mar’s HQ is kind of a fact finding mission.

In this particular session, the characters, having beat an Ettercap and a spider horde, set their sights on the vault door. Valerin tried to open the door and got a face full of acid. Nobody else could open the door either so Valerin climbed through the hole in the roof and found his way down through the spider infested catacombs into the treasure room. As luck would have it, his banging on the stone did not immediately attract the attention of the spiders.

However, as the character searched the room beyond, the spiders poured from their hole and the fight began!

XP Award:

2940 Defeated Spiders
100 Valerin finds a way in
50 Ketel gives out the health potions
50 Nifty stands guard
700 Miscellaneous Stuff (finding traps, use of good combat tactics, effective use of spells, etc.)

548 XP per character


Unidentified Scroll
Official writ
Bunch of Copper, Silver and Gems (don’t have the numbers)
3 suits of strange armor
6 Monster Jars



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