Somebody Moved the Statue

Don't let Jub Jub out of his cage!

The battle with the white dragon was enormous. Atop two semi-permanent towers, the characters found fireworks launchers readied for the parade. The dragon took to the air and prepared itself for dire battle, and as always, I rolled much better than all the players combined—with only two rounds in which the dragon’s breath didn’t recharge.

Drawn to the public spectacle the Grieg came atop their frogs to help quell the dragon, but the real score in the battle came when Isdra knocked the foul beast out of the sky with her new bardic powers, at which point everything jumped on top of the dragon to help keep it down.

In the end, the “dragon” wasn’t really a dragon at all, but some halfling who had come in from the shire to enjoy the festival of the Ascension Queen. Somebody hit him with a polymorph potion and caused the disturbance…a powerful concoction that could have only been produced by an experienced crone.

Smaug had seen one of the gloommasks slip off from the pack and head out, a detail that the characters didn’t want to share with Mauser when he finally showed up. Mison DeLaFont, ever vigilant in his quest to get to the bottom of things, deputized the characters and sent them to Gleneese’s manor to question her and Padrigal.

When the characters arrived, however, they found the door to Gleneese’s mansion wide open. The place was empty, except for a statue of Padrigal standing in front of the cage of Gleneese’s pet cockatrice ‘Jub Jub.’ Thorin noticed that the statue had scrapes behind it in the floor as if it had been moved. Before the characters could learn what to make of it all though, four gloom masks attacked. The characters defended themselves and managed to kill three and knock out the fourth for questioning…



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