Kobold Riding A Weasel...Of Course

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So the basics of last night’s adventure ran thusly: our band of intrepid adventurers found themselves still in the midst of the death trap. A half ton block had…well…blocked the escape route. Trying to open one of the doors triggered a summoning trap that unleashed four carnivorous apes, but by the time the night began, they were all dead. Unfortunately, Valoren smelled poison gas, and soon enough, so did everyone else. The characters doused their clothes (?) in water and wrapped the rags around their mouths…this in the hopes of keeping out the poison. Meanwhile, the group seemed to split their attentions between the four doors to maximize the possability of finding an escape route (good idea, I think). Doren and Kettle slammed through their respective doors with Kettle finding a high end officer’s quarters and Doren finding the barracks. A 3’ high crawl space filled with floor-to-ceiling nests of fur and rags (kobold beds). Beyond it all, a door, but not one that wanted to open.

NIfty used her ring of shrinking so that she could get in there but was then hampered by her size. Valoren carried her in as best as possible, crawling towards Doren and the door. Even Syr tried to get in on the act. So many tall people in a confined space. I really ought to have let you all have it!

As it turned out, though, the key evil figure in this tale of woe was not corporeal or really attackable, but an intangible spirit unleashing poison gas because of some kind of curse he had suffered. Seems he had made some kind of deal with the Drow in getting Ettercaps and spiders to guard the vault (remember them?). As a result, he was turned into something like a poison elemental until he could…

Well, Syr couldn’t get it out of him because he couldn’t make a Charisma check (maybe someone with a higher Cha…ahem. The Czech judge was not impressed), and so whatever that guy knew about Drow deals and that sort of thing stayed with him after the characters’ escape.

…Which happened after Kettle gave up searching the officer’s quarters (mostly because Syr wasn’t likely to survive further exploration) even though the air in the quarters was cleaner than the rest. Oh well… In the end the Bend Bars got everyone out.

The backdoor led back to the big central empty cave. The back side of a secret door! Zavoc had found a panel that controlled the bridge with three positions (missed opportunity there for a player handout picture. Damn.) He moved the bridge without knowing where it had gone. Meanwhile, Shakhraza had put a spike into the stone and was trying to tug it down.

The door closed behind our intrepid adventurers sealing the poison wraith or elemental or whatever away forever Bwuh, hah, hah!

Rest, recuperation. After all, time isn’t exactly of the essence… as far as the characters know at least.

After rest, the ladder is moved to the third position which is directly up against the wall, another secret door. Valoren notices that it is the kind of door that’s easy to trap, and given the kobolds, it’s probably likely trapped. So, he recommends a way to open the door without taking damage.

Everyone prepped up and got ready to open the door. Immediately after it was opened, surprisingly, the group met Gag Mar, riding astride a giant weasel and armed with a lance. The fight began. Lots of fighting, back and forth, Gag Mar threw a potion of confusion, it affected Shakhraza but he mostly stared at the wall. Strangely, it was Nifty who got past the spear and took the little kobold down.

More updates to come when I get the time…

Quasi Wrap Up to the Vault of Gag Mar
Notes on Kobolds and Drow
Kobold Riding A Weasel, the Cursed Thing
Kobold Riding A Weasel, Nifty Notes
Kobold Riding A Weasel, Kettle Notes
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Kobold Riding A Weasel, Syr Notes

XP Value

7 Single Kobold
270 Giant Weasel
270 Gag Mar
90 Defeat of Creatures
50 Wet down cloth
50 Check multiple doors at once
737 Total
130 Each Character (already adjusted for party size)



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