Gag Mar Returns

The characters ventured further into Gag Mar’s forward outpost. Did they notice that the traps are all still set? Wasn’t there supposed to be some kind of invader who moved through, tripping all the various and sundry whirligigs and acid filled pits before the characters arrival. One has to wonder, if the place was warding of an assault, would anything and everything have already been toppled and or triggered, but no—that simply doesn’t seem to be the case. Rather than the characters going in to survey the aftermath, they are, instead, assuming the role of the invader.

In this endeavor, the characters explored four rooms: the shaman’s laboratory, the dungeon, the staircase, and the halll beyond the staircase. Before entering the Shaman’s laboratory, however, they were greeted by a self loading, self firing, self aiming (!!!) crossbow. The crossbow, by stint of some strange orb atop its wooden frame, was able to aim itself…that bears repeating. These are kobolds, mechanically inclined, true, but not the brightest of creatures. They certainly aren’t capable of rigging magic to technology in order to make automated turrets. So, where’d that come from?

Beyond it, the wizard’s lab was a bevvy of psychological clues. Poison antidote for spider bites, some spider venom, the makings for mind blank potions, and the makings for charm dispelling potions. What exactly were these Kobolds afraid of?

In the dungeon, the characters found signs of recent torture: a wrack with torture instruments next to it, a dungeon cell with the picture of an Illithid scrawled on it. The Sanhuagin did not seem the slightest bit comfortable with the idea of a mind flayer as an enemy. He suggested, very seriously, that when Illithids are involved, your friends have a way of turning against you.

Good news though, the Shaman’s laboratory was good for a thousand gold, 6 unidentified potions, and a bunch of mundane remedies for poisoning. Bad news, it was home to the wizard’s servant, a Shadow. Having dispatched that monster, the characters moved on to the staircase.

For all of its strangeness, being anchored at the floor, and being suspended by ropes at the other end, the staircase turned out to be a bit of a dud. No real sign of traps except that it didn’t particular lead up to the door very well. Valerin fell, hillarity ensued, but in the end, it was the load laden dwarf who ascended the stairs and found out that they could bear weight without crashing to the ground or setting off a fireball.

Unfortunately, the hall beyond seems to have made up for all the traps not on the stairs. Opening a door released a squad of carnivorous apes and dropped a giant block on the characters’ only exit. What’s more, there’s something in the air and it aint music…


975 Fight With Shadow
700 Fight With Apes
100 Clever idea: Use that Invisible Servant for Everything!
50 Clever idea: unstring the crossbow
50 Clever idea: what kind of potions are they trying to make
50 Clever idea: Is that a mind flayer
50 Clever idea: Climb to the landing (better if it had worked)
100 Good Role Playing: Dwarf without a sense of caution
50 Good Role Playing: Syr doesn’t take chances
50 Good Role Playing: Music soothes the savage shark-man
100 Priest casts Protection from Evil
100 Paladin forces summoned creature to rout
140 Warrior defeats monsters
200 Treasure attained through Thief-y stuff

2715 Total
543 per party member



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